Libod Sayaw Festival 2019

Video – Bindoy – Nergos Oriental

The Libod Sayaw Festival 2019 street dancing started just past one o’clock in the afternoon. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day. Despite the heat and wearing their festival costumes, the performers of the Libod Sayaw Festival were eager to put on a good show. After the street dancing, locals and guests gathered at the open field of Bindoy to watch the showdown of the eight groups of dancers.

Watch the Libod Sayaw Festival 2019 Video here:


The municipality of Bindoy celebrated their fiesta with the festivities on April 04, 2019. Located about 100 kilometers from Dumaguete City, Bindoy is blessed with many marine resources. It is famous for its Mantalip Reef; home to much aquatic life. As a thanksgiving for this abundant blessing of marine resources, Bindoy celebrates the Libod Sayaw.

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