Kalye Sayaw 2017

Dauin Festival – Negros Oriental

Kalye Sayaw 2017 - Dauin Festival

Dauin Kalye Sayaw has made a new mark in the history of Dauin with its first ever festivity celebration of its kind yesterday, September 8, 2017. Like any other town here on the island, fiesta celebrations are essential to the Filipino-Spanish culture and traditions. This year, the municipality of Dauin and the DC-Team are in for some real treat with the associated celebration of the Kalye Sayaw and Dauin Fiesta. Thanks to the Dauin Tourism Office, the celebration of the Dauin Kalye Sayaw was made successful.

Kalye Sayaw 2017 - Dauin Festival

Birth of Dauin Kalye Sayaw

The Dauin Kalye Sayaw (Dauin Street Dancing) was launched as a gathering festivity that reflects the on daily lives of every Dawinanons (people of Dauin). In the Visayan dialect ‘kalye’ means street while ‘sayaw’ means dance or dancing. Seven inter-school barangaycontingents participated in this year’s Street Dancing, Showdown and the King and Queen Dauin Kalye Sayaw competition. Each group will have a king and queen representative who will battle in the later-on-portion of the celebration of King and Queen Kalye Sayaw 2017.

Street Dancing and Showdown

The whole celebration of the street dancing and the showdown was both a surprise and enjoyable event. The dancers and performers were able to give big smile during their well-organized and synchronized choreographed festival dance. One thing that also took most of the audience’s attention where the costumes that the dancers wore during their performance. Some wore decorated sea turtles, anemones, and flowy neon skirts; while some went for a cuter look of a Smurf with white hats and blue body paint (Tinkerbell can be well spotted as well).

The streets were filled by variation of creative concepts and ideas as the different group paraded themselves with their costumes and dance under the heat of the sun. One might think that he or she have seen it all after the street dancing, but honestly, you haven’t! The most exciting part of the Dauin Kalye Sayaw is the showdown competition, where the different concepts of costumes finally made sense.

Kalye Sayaw 2017 - Dauin Festival

For a festival that has been recently introduced, the Dauin Kalye Sayaw was indeed successful in every way possible. With its success, the Dauin Tourism Office will be considering to whether join in a bigger event this October called Buglasan Festival (Festival of Festivals here in Negros Oriental). Whether the Dauin Kalye Sayaw competes for the said event, everyone will surely be looking forward to it’s come back celebration next year.

Happy Fiesta Dauin!!!

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