Hudyaka Festival 2017

Bais City – Negros Oriental

Bias City is known as the “dolphin watching capital” all over Negros Oriental. The city is abundant in their marine harvest thanks to the Tañon Strait and their patron saint, San Nicolas de Tolentino, who is believed to protect the religious city of Bais.The yearly celebration of the Hudyaka Festival and fiesta in Bais City has been scheduled by the Bais City Tourism Office. With their well organization and guidance, the festivity was more or less placed at the right time.

Hudyaka Festival 2017 - Bais City

Hudyaka Festival 2017 in Bais City

Thankfully, the weather gods were also favorable for the said event and was dry and shiny the whole day. It could have been a little too hot, but it was better than have dark gloomy rains. The festival street dancing was assembled only few minutes delayed from the given time, however, it went non-stop after the first performers moved around the city.

The audience cheered as they watch seven groups perform their dance in their colorful festival costumes and head dresses. Decorative arches and floats were also seen during the street dancing parade.

Bais - Hudyaka Festival

If one event was delayed, one would expect the rest of the following events to be delayed as well. Not in Bais! Surprisingly, street dancing was a few minutes delayed but the showdown was on time as scheduled. After the street dancing, the different groups were gathered at the Evacuation Center of Bais City. Hundreds of people, both locals and visitors, were gathered in at the grand stand to view the dancers.

With so much to see and hear, the audience could not decide for themselves which of the seven groups was better. The Hudyaka Festival 2017 Street Dancing and Showdown Competition was quite an eventful celebration in Bais. The announcement of winners were made and the people gathered at the center area, dancing to the disco music as the night fell in to sight.

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