Hibalag Festival 2019 – King and Queen

Silliman Founder’s Day – Dumaguete City

Hibalag Festival 2019 - Festival King and Queen 2019

The Hibalag Festival 2019 King and Queen is held as part of the celebration of the 118th Silliman University Founder’s Day from July 27, 2019, till August 31, 2019. In every festival, it is just right to have a king and queen not only to promote but to give another dazzling touch to the wonderful festival.

Hibalag Festival 2019

The Hibalag Festival 2019 and the school founders are one of the biggest celebrations in Silliman University. If you enter the premises of the school, you will hear people saying “mag Hibalag ta!” an expression used to have a great time during the Hibalag. Each college department and societies are then welcomed to open a booth to showcase different things to the public. Medical Technology students give free blood typing, nursing gives free blood typing, ROTC offers airsoft gun shooting and more!

As part of the festivities, the search for the Festival King and Queen is one of the most awaited part of the celebration. A pair of candidates from the different regional (ex. Bohol region, Siquijor area, Luzon region, Surigao area and more) will represent during the said event.

The program starts with a performance by each pair dancing their native festival. Then a quick question and answer is made. A dance showdown will then be made until the final decision is made. Congratulations to the new Hibalag King and Queen 2019!

Watch the Hibalag Festival 2019 Video Here:

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