Government Gives 5K-8K Pesos through SSS

Online Application SBWS 2020 – Philippines

Government Gives 5K-8K Pesos through SSS – Online Application SBWS 2020

Aside from the Calamity Loan, the national government of the Philippines is giving a wage subsidy for affected employees of small businesses to help mitigate the impact of the quarantine in certain areas. Though the Small Business Wage Subsidy Program (SBWS 2020 Program), employees can receive P5,000 to P8,000 (depending on your region) with up two months’ worth of salary. The online application can be done through the SSS website. Applications will be completed by the employer on behalf of their employees starting April 16, 2020 until April 30, 2020.

Who can Apply for an SBWS Program?


The small business, whether a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, must not be in the BIR’s Large Taxpayer Service (LTS) list.

Small businesses under Category A (non-essentials) that are forced to stop operations (i.e., temporary closure or suspension of work) and Category B (quasi-essentials) that are allowed to operate a skeleton force can apply for the wage subsidy for employees who are not able to work and did not get paid during the ECQ. Employers in areas where other forms of quarantine have been put in place by the LGU may also qualify.

Category A (non-essentials):

  • New-Food Raw Material
  • Tobacco
  • Construction
  • Airlines
  • Non-Essential Services
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Rental and Leasing of Personal Goods
  • Entertainment

Category B (quasi-essentials)

  • Textiles, Wearables, and leather for export
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Retail Trade
  • Public Transportation/Trucking and Cargo Handling (food and non-food)
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Banks
  • Personal Service and Domestic Activities (Salon, Laundry, Funeral, Domestic Help and others)


An employee who fulfills all of the following criteria is eligible:

  • Must be an employee of an eligible small business
  • Must be employed and active as of March 1, 2020 but unable to work due to the ECQ
  • Did not get paid by their employer for at least two weeks during the temporary closure or suspension of work in accordance with Labor Advisory No. 1, Series of 2020
  • Can be of any contract status (e.g., regular, probationary, regular seasonal, project-based, fixed-term)
  • Must be certified by the employer in the application as having met all the above criteria

Note: Priority will be given to employees that are BIR and SSS-registered and compliant with SSS and BIR regulations.

Note: Employees who have received a subsidy from the Department of Labor and Employment’s COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP) shall be eligible for only the first month of the SBWS to avoid duplication.

The following employees are not eligible:

  • Working from home or part of the skeleton force
  • Those who voluntarily went on the following types of leave – maternity leave, paternity leave, study leave, sabbatical leave, and leaves of the same type – for the entire duration of the ECQ, whether with or without pay
  • Already a recipient of SSS unemployment benefits due to COVID-19, to avoid duplication
  • Those who have settled or in-process SSS final claims (funeral, retirement, death, and total disability)

Salary subsidy amount

P8,000.00 – NCR, Region III, Region IV-A
P6,000.00 – Region VI, Region VII, Region X, Region XI
P5,500.00 – CAR, Region I, Region II
P5,000.00 – Region IV-B, Region V, Region, VIII, Region IX, Region XII, CARAGA, BARMM

The subsidy amount varies per region and is generally aligned with the emergency subsidy for the informal sector, except that 8,000 pesos per month is estimated for all eligible workers in NCR and Regions III and IV-A. The reason for this is that there are many workers who live in one region and work in another region.

Application period – April 16 to 30, 2020
First tranche of payout – May 1 to 15, 2020
Second tranche of payout – May 16 to 31, 2020

Note: schedule may change depending on the timing of the ECQ

Modes of payment

  • Withdrawal via employee’s SSS UMID cards enrolled as ATM
  • Withdrawal from employee’s bank account for PESOnet participating banks
  • Employee’s Union Bank Quick Card (partnership with SSS)
  • Employee’s E-wallet: PayMaya

How to check eligibility at the BIR Website?

Step 1. Go to the BIR Website and click on the SBWS icon on the homepage.
Step 2. Enter the 9-digit TIN in the Search field. Ensure that your TIN is valid and owned by you.

BIR recommends that you check your Certificate of Resignation to ensure the accuracy of information.

Step 3. Copy your passcode.

If you are qualified, a green box will appear on the side with your passcode. You may copy this and head to the SSS Website and login to your My.SSS account.

If you are not qualified, a red box will appear on the side. For any questions on eligibility criteria, you may send an email to with the following information:

TIN, registered name or business name, RDO code, and your message.

How to Apply for an SBWS Online?

Step 1: Go to your My.SSS account and login.
Step 2: Click on the “Small Business Wage Subsidy” tab.
Step 3: Enter the copied passcode from the BIR website. Then as an employer, type your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
Step 4: Once you get into the system, employer must select eligible employees by clicking the box on the left. Please click on the right if the employee is CAMP beneficiary.

If an employee is not on the list, this means that he/she is not registered as My.SSS or lacks information on his/her My.SSS account.

Step 5: Type each eligible employee’s TIN.

Step 6: Employer needs to agree to Employer’s Undertaking of SBWS.

Step 7: Download the “Employer Certification Template”.

Remember that employer needs to submit Certification Attesting to the Work and Pay Status of Employee to after application.

Step 8: SSS automated system will then check and validate the application. SSS will then show the employer’s qualified and disqualified employees, and what causes their confirmation or denial.

Watch the video  on SSS Online Application – Small Business Wage Subsidy Program (SBWS) 2020 here:

Step 9: Eligible employees will receive an email notification from SSS that their employer has confirmed their qualification for the SBWS Program.

Employee beneficiaries will be given details on when subsidy should be credited to their bank accounts or if it is available for disbursement through remittance agents.

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    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Good day!
      First, check if you are putting the right TIN Number. Second, if you do put a 9 digit number a pop-up box on the right will appear. This will either be red or green. If it’s green, you will see your passcode. If it’s red, then it’s not eligible or you might have put an invalid number. If you are still having problems, please contact your BIR Office or the SSS Office (near you) though email.

      Hope this helps. Stay safe!
      Best Regards,

      • Avatar
        Lucia R. Arcilla says:


        Tanong ko lng po anong mangyayari kung ang isinubmit kong attachment na qualified employees ay may error katulad po ng bank account number ng employee is 12 digits pero ang hinihingi po ng program is 11 pero success po yung aking isinubmit at may reference number na po ako. Ano pong ggwin ko para masubmit ko ng tama yung bank account ng 5 employees namin out of 63 employees

  1. Avatar
    Marites de Vega parungao says:

    Ask ko kc PO Mali Ang cp no. Na pinasa Ng kings royal hotel and leisure Park Ng email na daw PO ulit visor namin s sss Ang no. Kopo 0923 2543592 Ang naipapasa 09232543529 Mali PO pls pki ayus nmn PO need PO nmin

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Good day!
      We are NOT the SSS Office. We can not fix your problem. Please get in touch with your respective SSS Office.

  2. Avatar
    Rommel Rosero Ramos says:

    Nag apply po employer ko, hnd daw qualified. pero yung isa kasamahan namin nag preapply qualified nman daw. hnd kami nkakuha sa dole ng 5k kasi hininto na nila kahit nagpasa agency nmin. ngayun pati sbws hnd rin kmi mkakakuha.. patulong nman po

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      This might be because you are not qualified for nay of the Loans for the SBWS Program. Make sure you are a qualified employee. If you still think you deserve to get the money, please get in touch the SSS Office…because we are NOT the SSS Office. Good Luck!

  3. Avatar
    Mary May Ayuno says:

    Ask ko lang pano malalaman kung na approved na ba kami sa sbws program may reference # na po kami. Thank you

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      The dates for the payout is written in the article and said in the video. Please do us a favor and actually read or watch our hard work content before asking. If you still have problems, please get in touch with your SSS Office..because again, it is written in the article and in the video that we are not the SSS Office. Good luck to you!

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      It is upon the advice of the Government Offices and the respective office, that you do not claim other kinds of “tulong” through DSWD or SAP inorder for other people in need to get some help.

  4. Avatar

    Good day! follow up ko lang po yong sa SDWS
    SSS# 04-3902872-1
    TIN #: 367-016-149-000
    contact us: 09069753578

    SSS# : 04-3819118-3
    TIN #: 367-016-340-000
    contact us: 09357559214

  5. Avatar
    Alexzandra says:

    How can i get ayuda via sss. Im ex OFW seafearer. Gusto ko sana makakuha din ng ayuda. Kasi po ako ngayon ay buntis at naka MECQ pa ngaun. Until now i never get anything in the sss.. please follow my request.. because i need it. Please parang awa niyo na. Im also 8months pregnant…

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      First of all “congratulations” on your pregnancy. However, please try to read and understand the article and video. All you need to know about getting a subsidy is mentioned. Also, we are NOT the SSS Office (as mentioned above). If you have certain questions and stories to tell, please address it to the correct office. Good luck!



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