Folk Dance Competition

Buglasan 2019 | Negros Oriental

Buglasan Festiva -2019 - Folk Dance Competition - Negros Orietnal

The Folk Dance Competition of the Buglasan Festival 2019 was held on October 17, 2019. Being known as the Festival of Festival, the whole celebration of the Buglasan Festival is mainly to preserve traditions and cultures from all over Negros Oriental. Another better way to preserve the Negrense culture is tough the Competition of Folk Dance which was held on the Freedom Park Stage.

Folk Dance Competition 2019

Through the years, the DC-Team has always found wonder in attending cultural events from the Buglasan Festival; such as the Rondalla, Balak, Balitaw Competition. The show started a little past 8:30 pm with the singing od prayer, national anthem and the Negros Oriental hymn. A few lines were given by the co-director of the Buglasan Committee and the show was on!

Watch the video here:

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