Amlan Fiesta 2018 – Schedule

This year’s Amlan Fiesta 2018 theme is “Tawag sa panaghiusa, gihangop sa matang usa” (Call of unity, called on one another). Find Schedule here!

Buglasan Festival 2018 is now OPEN!

Buglasan Festival 2018 is now OPEN! Don’t miss on any of the events of the Festival of Festivals here in Negros Oriental. Find Schedule Here!

Yamog Festival 2018 – Pamplona Fiesta 2018 – Schedule

The celebration of the Yamog Festival 2018 in Pamplona will be the evidence that the hilly sides of the province can be as festive as any others can be. Schedule here!

Buglasan Festival 2018 – Schedule

This year’s Buglasan Festival 2018 theme is: “Enhancing Initiatives Towards Eco-Tourism destination”. Click here to find the full schedule of events!

Puhag Festival 2018 in Valencia – Schedule

The Puhag Festival 2018 of Valencia will be held from September 07- October 12, 2018. Click here to find complete schedule and video!

Mantuod Festival 2018 – Schedule of Activities

Manjuyod will hold the Mantuod Festival 2018 as part of their Thanksgiving and fiesta celebration from September 14 – October 2, 2018. Find Schedule here!

Dauin Festival Events 2018 - Negros Oriental

Dauin Fiesta 2018

Dauin may be a small and quiet town, however, when the fiesta and Dauin Festival 2018 comes, the people are everywhere being loud and merry. Read more!

Hudyaka Festival 2018 in Bais City – Schedule

The Hudyaka Festival 2018 in Bais City will .be set from August 10 2018 until September 10, 2018. Check the Schedule of Events here.

Leon Kilat Celebration 2018 in Bacong

The Leon Kilat Celebration 2018 is in honor of his 145th Birthday which will be held on July 23-27, 2018. See Schedule of Activities here!

Wayboga Festival 2018 – Schedule

The Wayboga Festival 2018 in Amlan, Negros Oriental is truly a captivating event that the DC-Team has covered for years now. Read the program schedule here!