Bindoy Libod Sayaw Festival 2019 – Schedule of Events

The municipality of Bindoy will be celebrating the Libod Sayaw Festival 2019 from March 29, 2018 till April 06, 2019. View schedule here!

Canlaon City Pasayaw Festival 2019 – Schedule of Activities

Don’t miss out on the highlight events such as the search for Miss Canlaon 2019 and the Pasayaw Festival 2019 Street Dancing and Showdown. Schedule here!

Basay Kapaw Festival 2019 – Schedule of Events

We welcome you too in joining in the celebration of the Kapaw Festival 2019 from March 11 – 18, 2019. Read more and View Schedule here!

Bayawan City – Tawo Tawo Festival 2019 – Schedule of Events

Bayawan City’s annual celebration of the Tawo Tawo Festival 2019 marks another year of great harvest and thanksgiving. View full schedule here!

Mabinay Fiesta 2019 – Schedule of Events

Don’t miss out on the great events during the Mabinay Fiesta 2019 such as the Langub Festival 2019. Find full Schedule of Events here!

Jimalalud Fiesta 2019 – Schedule of Events

Don’t miss out the Jimalalud Fiesta 2019, Sinulog sa Jimalalud 2019, and Miss Jimalalud 2019 from January 03-15, 2019. Check out the schedule here!

Christmas in Mabinay 2018

This year’s Christmas in Mabinay 2018 theme is “Peace Begins with me”. Read more and Check out the full schedule of activities here!

Christmas in Valencia 2018 – Schedule of Events

Join in the celebration and witness the true spirit of Christmas in Valencia 2018. Witness the “Lights on Ceremony”, song competition, motorcade and more! View schedule here!

Bayawan Fiesta 2018 & Pasko sa Bayawan 2018 -Schedule

Bayawan City will be celebrating their 18th Charter Day or Bayawan Fiesta 2018 and Pasko sa Bayawan 2018 on the month of December. Find Schedule here!

Siaton Fiesta 2018 – Schedule of Activities

Siaton will be celebrating their fiesta from November 16 to December 06, 2018. Check out the Siaton Fiesta 2018 Schedule of Events here!