Supreme Courst decision Degamo remains Governor of Negros Oriental

Supreme Court Decision: Degamo remains Governor of Negros Oriental

The Supreme Court affirms the Comelec’s decision to nullify Henry Teves’ election victory and proclaim Roel Degamo as the true winner of the 2022 gubernatorial race in Negros Oriental.

Basay Fiesta 2023 – Schedule of Events

Basay Fiesta 2023 will be celebrated from March 8-18, 2023. Highlight events include the Kapaw Festival, Miss Basay and Sugba-Sugba Festival. Schedule here!

Bayawan Fiesta 2023 & Tawo-Tawo Festival Schedule of Activities

The Bayawan Fiesta 2023 will be held during the whole month of February. Click here to see full schedule of activities and events!

Apo Island Floating Wharf

Apo Island Floating Wharf – Develop or Protect?

There are plans to build a jetty in Apo Island. The Apo Island floating wharf is heavily discussed by scientists, residents, and environmentalists.

Mabinay Fiesta 2023 – Schedule of Events

Mabinay Fiesta 2022 highlight events include Langub Festival 2022 and Miss Mabinay 2022 (Langub Queen 2022). Read full schedule of event here!

Lingganay Festival 2022 – Schedule of Events

Lingganay Festival 2022 is a Christmas Festival celebrated in the municipality of Mabinay, Negros Oriental. See schedule of events here!

Siaton Fiesta 2022

Siaton Fiesta 2022 will be held from Nov. 13 – Dec. 9, 2022. This long fiesta celebration is packed with many events for everyone to enjoy! Full schedule here.

Amlan Fiesta 2022 – Schedule of Events

Amlan Fiesta 2022 will be held this Nov. 11-30, 2022. The long celebration is filled with plenty of events for everyone to enjoy. Read more!

Governor Degamo is Back – Claim to be Eligible until 2034

Governor Degamo is Back – Claim to be Eligible until 2034

Roel Ragay Degamo is back as Negros Oriental’s governor after Henry Pryde Teves stepped down last October 11, 2022. Read more!

Buglasan Festival 2022 – Official Entry

Ten official groups will enter the Buglasan Festival 2022 street dancing and showdown competition this coming October 30, 2022. Read more!