Calle de Bailar 2018

Tayasan | Negros Oriental

Calle de Bailar 2018 - Dalit Tayasanon

The municipality of Tayasan never failed to make the DC Team a part of their festive events during their fiesta celebration and the Dalit Tayasanon 2018. For this year’s theme, the municipality of Tayasan made it an open one. Titling the event as the Calle de Bailar; which in Spanish translates to “street of dancing” to showcase the creativity of the participating groups.

Calle de Bailar 2018 – Street Dancing & Showdown

The street dancing of the Dalit Tayasanon Calle de Bailar 2018 flooded the sidewalks with both local and non-local guests last June 09, 2018. Even though there was no clear theme for this year’s festival, the event was still enjoyable. But taking note that Tayasan is rich in both marine and agricultural resources, it would be common sense that the festival is somehow related to thanksgiving for the resources of the whole municipality.

The Calle de Bailar 2018 of Tayasan celebrated their very festive street dancing in honor for their patron saint, San Antonio de Padua. Despite their official festival (Pasalamat Festival), many enjoyed this year’s festival in Tayasan. For the first part of the event, the street dancing was held around the town streets of Tayasan around noon time.

After the non-stop street dancing parade, the performing groups went to the covered court of Tayasan for the showdown competition. There were seven groups representing their barangay and the legend of their area. Filled with both traditions and educational fuzz, the showdown of the Calle de Bailar 2018 was indeed an event one should not miss!

We would like to thanks the Mayor Susano L. Ruperto Jr. and the Tourism Office of Tayasan for making our stay comfortable and enjoyable!

Watch the Calle de Bailar 2018 below!

Until Next Year Tayasan! Happy Calle de Bailar 2018!

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