Miss Tayasan 2018

Coronation Night – Negros Oriental

Miss Tayasan 2018 - Candidates

Just like every other festival and fiesta celebrations around the Philippines, the beauty pageant is   known as the highlight event. The search for Miss Tayasan 2018 was joined by seven lovely candidates who competed for the crown last June 10, 2018. Special thanks to the Tourism Officers of Tayasan and to the Fiesta head Sir Susano L. Ruperto III for giving us some of the best spots to cover the event.

Miss Tayasan 2018 – Coronation Night

The coronation night of the Miss Tayasan 2018 was held at the Tayasan covered court where hundreds of supportive audiences came to watch the show. To kick start the program, the usual prayer and singing of the National Anthem was made. After this a few lines of introduction and boom! The lovely candidates in their production number with shimmering festival inspired costumes.

After the lively production number, the master of ceremonies gave a little intermission by introduction the judges and allowing the respective speakers to make their speech. With the heat in the air rising, there is no doubt that the next portion of the competition will make it even hotter! The “Play Wear” portion of the pageant was clearly no bikini; however, it was a two-piece attire that didn’t look like a grandma one piece so it was okay. Skin and curves were shown, and that was all that was needed.

Miss Tayasan 2018 - Play Wear Attire

While wearing the playwear attire, the question and answer portion took place. Unlike the usual question and answer, the candidates had to interpret a picture that was shown to them. Being creative and knowledgeable enough, the candidates made their interpretations.

A few more intermission numbers, the candidates were brought back to the stage for the evening gown competition. In this portion the candidates must show their grace, poise and sophistication not only as a woman but as a proud Tayasanon as well. The top three were chosen after the segment and not long the announcing of the Miss Tayasan 2018 was made.

Congratulations to the winners of Miss Tayasan 2018!!!

Miss Tayasan 2018 - Winners
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