Buglasan Festival 2015 – Behind the Scenes

Each year the whole province of Negros Oriental gets feverish when the Buglasan Festival is about to start. Of course there is no difference this year. With the grand opening of Buglasan Festival 2015 only 36 hours away, the countdown is ticking down fast.

Buglasan Preparation

When it is time to celebrate the Festival of the Festivals, all eyes and spotlights are on the VIPs, the performers, booths, costumes, parades, and, and, and…

When we visit beauty pageants we always try to get a sneak-peak behind the scenes to get a few pictures “not-so-real-men” and women making their last minute preparation.

This year we wanted to shine a spotlight on the hard working men building the booths at the capitol area of Negros Oriental which are always a highlight of the Buglasan Festival. As not many think about them when the mayors, municipality heads and barangay captains feasting on their Lechon, we wanted to pay our respect to those hard workers in charge that there is actually a booth to celebrate.

Check out the festival’s Schedule of Events

Buglasan Festivasl - Booths

Happy Buglasan Festival 2015

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