Yag Yag Festival 2019 – Video

Sibulan – Negros Oriental

Yag Yag Festival 2019 is one of the most unique and eye-catching festivals in Negros Oriental. It is known for being the champions of the Buglasan Festival (the biggest festival in the province of Negros Oriental) in various years. The whole festivity is celebrated with the abundance of crabs in the area. People of all ages join in the said celebration all dressed up like crabs or acting like crabs. The Yag Yag Festival was held on the month of April under clear blue skies.

Watch the Yag Yag Festival 2019 Video here:


The Yag Yag Festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving tradition to the crabs for saving them from famine in the olden days. After praying hard to their patron saint St. Anthony of Padua, crabs arose from the shore as a source of food to the people of Barangay Cangmating, Sibulan.

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