Miss Pandanyag 2019

Coronation Night – La Libertad

Miss Pandanyag 2019 - Production Number

The search for Miss Pandanyag 2019 was held on April 27, 2019, in La Libertad, Negros Oriental. Eight lovely candidates participated this year’s beauty and brains pageant in the different portions of the competition.

Pandanyag Festival 2019

The pageant night of the Miss Pandanyag is part of the bigger celebration of the Pandanyag Festival in La Libertad. Locals claim to be one of the biggest producers in Negros Oriental of pandan products such as mats, baskets, bats, and fans. Pandan is a kind of plant that has long sturdy leaves similar to coconut leaves. Aside from mats and bags, pandan leaves can also be used for cooking and medicine.

Miss Pandanyag 2019 – Coronation Night

The Coronation Night of the Miss Pandanyag 2019 kicked off with the production number. The candidates danced on stage wearing the festival attires made of pandan woven skirts, top, and headdress. The term “Pandanyag” comes from two words pandan and maanyag”. The latter term means abundance, hence, an abundance of pandan leaves and products in La Libertad.

After the production number, the candidates quickly changed into their play wear and bikinis. Inspired with sass and elegance, this year’s organizers chose a golden simple two-piece for the candidates. The bikini or play wear round can be considered the hottest portion of the whole competition. A quick intermission was made then the talent portion followed.

Aside from showing off their curves, beauty, and talent, the candidates had to showcase their wits and intelligence. The changed into a more daring and bold attire…the evening gown competition. This portion made the candidates the “ladies in red”. After quickly parading through the stage the question and answer part was done.

Congratulations to the winners of Miss Pandanyag 2019!

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