Wayboga Festival 2018 - Schedule of Program

Smoke Free Amlan 9th Anniversary

Schedule & Program Flow

The Wayboga Festival 2018 in Amlan, Negros Oriental is truly a captivating event that the DC-Team has covered for years now. The celebration of the Wayboga Festival is held in coordination of the Amlan Smoke Free and the 9th Anniversary of the No Smoking Policy of the municipality. The term “way boga” is translated in the Visayan dialect as “no smoke”. This year’s theme is Smoke free Amlan “Responsibilidad ug Kadaugan sa Tanan”.

This year’s Wayboga Festival is a one-day event that will be held on July 20, 2018, Friday. Here is the program of the Wayboga Festival and the Amlan Smoke-Free 9th Anniversary.


Part 1: Salubong Parade at 6:30 am
at Tandayag Wharf to Amlan Plaza, Bio-os to Amlan Plaza

Part2: Program

– National Anthem,Invocation, Most. Rev. Henrix Alar
– Opening Message, Honorable Gino P. Dela Cruz Municipal Mayor
– Mascot Display and Competition 1-6 Participants
– Intermission Number- Smoke-Free Draw I Tell Champion
– Smoke-Free Message, Honorable Herry Pryle Teves Mayor of Bayawan City Negros Oriental
– Mascot Display and Competition  7-11
– Brief message from invited Guests
-Giving of Certificates and Tokens
– Acknowledgement
– Declaration of Winners
– Closing Remarks, Honorable Analinda Esparcia SB on Health

Host Mr. Adelle Abalos & Ms. Dorothy Montecino


Wayboga Festival Street Dancing and Showdown
Part1: Street Dancing at 2:30 pm
the assembly area is outside Amlan National High School

Part2: Showdown
– National Anthem & Invocation, Rev. Pastor Jesus A. Belotindos Jr.
– Opening Remarks, Honorable Bentham P. Dela Cruz
– Introduction of the Judging Panel, Mr. John John Alabata
-Contest Guidelines and Criteria
-Competition Proper
a. Contingent 1
b. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 1
c. Contingent 2
d. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 2
e.Contingent  3
f. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 3
g. Contingent  4
h. Wayboga Acapella Cluster 4
– Intermission Number
– Giving of Certificates and Tokens
– Acknowledgement
– The Big Reveal for winners
Host: Ms. Noreen H. Tapis & Mr. Denver Villamino

Watch the WaybogaFestival 2017 Slideshow Video below:

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