Tourist Spots in Guihulngan

Mountains, waterfalls, lakes, caves – you name it, the City of Guihulngan has it. While most tourist spots are not developed like for example on the Island of Bohol, they are easy to reach and well worth to be explored. However, the Boulevard and the Freedom Park at the waterfront is a nice place to unwind and relax. Freedom Park is also the place to meet the locals.It is also many times used for public concerts and performances of any kind.

Guihulngan Freedom Park

Freedom Park - Guihulngan City

Hinakpan Hills- The Chocolate Hills of Negros

Hinakpan Chocolate Hills

Hinakpan Hills are certainly one of the top tourist spots of this region. They are situated at the peak of Guihulngan. Driving along the highway, they are easy to visit. The cool and much fresher air is the first guests will experience when getting close to the Chocolate Hills of Negros, located at Barangay Hinakpan. The Hinakpan Hills are only 45 minutes ride away from the City of Guihulngan – Negros Oriental.

The view of the different sized Chocolate Hills, the rice terraces and the vegetable fields is simply magnificent. Geologic forces casts all 237 limestone peaks in unique shapes and sizes. The name Hinakpan Hills and that of  barangay Hinakpan originated from the abundant of hardwood trees called “takpan” in that area.

Arvor Caves in Guihulngan

Arvor Cave - Guihulngan

Arvor Caves are a small system inside of the one of the Hinakpan Hills also known as Chocolate Hills of Negros in Guihulngan City. The name ARVOR originates from the local residents who the first discovered the cave. The first letter of their names Arnald, Roldan, Victor, Oligario, and Ranny were used to name the cave. All of them are locals living there in Barangay Hinakpan.

Arvon Cave - Guihulngan

With ID are three of the original explorer of the Arvor Cave

Right along the Highway where visitor can see a native house on the top of the Hill is the place to stop. A tour guide will help guests to climb up of one of the big hills where the cave entrance is hidden. Inside the Arvor cave are active stalactites growing from the roof. Stalactites are icicle-shaped formations that hang from the ceiling of a cave. They are produced by precipitation of minerals from water dripping through the cave ceiling. The cave is also home to bats and different bird. The natural coolness inside the caves feels refreshing, specially during the hot summer months.

Kansalakan River

Kansalakan River is located between Barangay Balugo and Barangay Banuague in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental. The deepest part of this river is 30 feet. It has natural shape and design. The natureal pool with under water swim through keep the guest enjoying their swimming in its fresh crystal clear water. The fresh water comes from forest down to Kansalakan river flow. The River is 20 minutes away from Hinakpan Hills, on the way to Hinakpan River you will pass the rice field, vegetable field and lots of traditional native houses along the way. People are friendly waving and kids smiling waving to their visitors.

Kansalakan River

Kansalakan River is known as an enchanted and mysterious place for the locals. It has an history of mysteriously loss of lifes. People believe that once the dead body shown up their soul and spirits remain in that place as part of the mystic spirits there to become one of the unseen watchful guards of this place.

Even though with this long mysterious history, this place still look so inviting. People looking at its water will fully encourage and can’t resist not to swim. The Kansalakan river is   open for the public and there is no entrance fee. The locals, barangay officials and tourism officers of Guihulngan keep this place clean. Please don’t leave any basura behind when visiting.

Kansalakan River is easily accessible by car, van, or even motor bike because of its newly concrete road and along the High way.

Things to bring when visiting at Kansalakan River: food, drinks, swimwear, bath towel, sun protection, matts or blanket where you can put your stuff, ect. And most of all garbage bag where you can put all your garbage that you will bring with you when leaving the place.

Makatang Falls & Mainit Falls

The Makatang Falls and Mainit Falls are certainly not the highest and biggest waterfalls in the province of Negros Oriental. What makes them so great to visit is the surrounding nature. Getting there will lead visitors on beautiful paths through thick tropical forests where they can experience pure nature. It is very unlikely that one will bump into other tourists when visiting both falls.

As there are no food and drink stalls at the waterfalls you need to bring your own food and especially drinking water against dehydration. Of course swimwear for a dip into the fresh waters and a bath towel are as well recommended as sun protection or blanket where you can put your stuff. And most of all garbage bag where you can put all your garbage that you will bring with you when leaving the Makatang- and Mainit Falls.