Tayasan Fiesta Celebration 2016

The municipality of Tayasan is indeed full of surprises when it comes to both honoring and celebrating their patron saint. As the celebration came to a closer approach, events such as talents and beauty pageant, motor cross, and fluvial parades are definitely some excellent ways to both honoring  and celebrating fiesta.

The celebration of the Tayasan Fiesta started with the showcase of talents and beauty from 13 different candidates of Tayasan. With mesmerizing looks and skills, these 13 beautiful candidates caught both the attention and the heart of every spectator.

Tayasan Miss Gay

The lovely candidates were suited as underwater goddesses in their eye catching production number. This was then followed by a quick bikini round and then by the talent showcase. The talent showcase of the event was one of the most creative set of performances, starting from ballroom dancing to short story dramas and fire breathing dances. It was such a spectacular performance that the crowd went crazy, cheering for their favorite contestant.

Congratulation Miss Super Serena of Tayasan 2016 

In the end of the program, there was only one beauty queen who can take home the big crown. As the awarding started, the crowd went crazy as they shouted their lungs out for their favorite candidates. All deserved the crown as they were all talented and entertaining, however, there can only be one title holder the said event.

After a night of mystery and beauty, it’s time to bring out those big roaring engines to flight. The Motor cross event was one of the most thrilling part of the whole city fiesta especially to those who seek risks and adventures. Starting from nine in the morning, the engines of all motor bikes roared and flew in the air. Stunts gave drivers the adrenaline rush while the thrill to the viewers. It was a day full of hot and sweaty fun for these risk takers, and definitely and day of thrill and entertainment for the crowd.

The evening fiesta celebration was the first for Tayasan to have local celebrity,  crowd was so exited to witness live performance from (PGT ) Philippine Got Talent, “The Miss Tress” Miss Angel.

As Catholics, the traditions of fluvial parades and thanksgivings are one of the most important events in a celebration. To give thanks for the safety and enjoyment of the people, flowers and prayers were offered to the Tayasan patron Saint Anthony of Padua.

In the leadership of the reelect municipality mayor honorable, Atty. Susano L. Ruperto Jr., the parade around the sea shore of Tayasan  was traditional way of prayer and  thanks giving.  To all Tayasanon Thank you so much for having us with you to celebrate!! Viva Saint Anthony of Padua!!!

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