Tawo Tawo Festival 2022

Bayawan City – Negros Oriental

Tawo Tawo Festival 2022 - Bayawan City - Negros Oriental

The Tawo Tawo Festival 2022 of Bayawan City is the first festival event the DC-Team covered since the COVID-19 lockdown. This is of course due to safety measures not only for our team, but for everyone else. The bright colors and heavy beating of drums flooded the streets of Bayawan City. It was great to see the lovely smiles of the people once again.

The annual Tawo Tawo Festival was held February 28, 2022. A few years ago, the festival was a competition joined by different schools and barangays. However, since 2018 Bayawan decided to hold it as a presentation instead. This changed a few things, mainly in the performance of the dancers.

The parade and “street dancing” started past three o’clock in the afternoon. We said, “street dancing”, because aside from the one time they performed in front of the Bayawan City Park, the dancers simply walked along the streets instead of actually “street dancing”.

Still, it was better than no festival at all. Tawo Tawo Festival is a celebration for the town’s bountiful harvest of rice and other crops. It is also a great story of culture and Bayawan’s resourcefulness in times of famine.

One thing that made our jobs as photographers and videographers, is that the performers were not shy. They gave their biggest smiles despite the heat. Some were avid followers and wanted to be in most of our shots. After covering Tawo Tawo Festival and other festivals in Negros Oriental, it is no big surprise to us that they now recognize us. It makes us very happy and wanting to see more during the next Tawo Tawo Festival 2023.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick video of the Tawo Tawo Festival 2022 video:


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