Tapasayaw Festival 2019

Hudyaka Festival 2019 in Bais City

Tapasayaw Festival 2019 - Bais City

The Tapasayaw Festival 2019 plays an important role in the celebration with the 51st Charter Day celebration of Bais City. The progressive town of Bais is known in the province for its Dolphin Watching. They are also known for the great production of sugar cane in the province. As thanksgiving, the celebration of the Hudyaka sa Bais with the street dancing and showdown of the Tapasayaw is made.

Tapasayaw – Brief History

The term tapasayaw came from two dialect words, tapas and sayaw. Tapas means “sugar cane” and Sayaw means “dance” or “to dance”. Bais City is one of the top producers of sugar cane in the province. As a thanksgiving to their patron saint San Nicolas de Tolentino, the celebration of the sugar cane festival was made.

Street Dancing & Showdown
Tapasayaw Festival 2019

The street dancing of the Tapasayaw Festival 2019 started in the blazing hot Friday afternoon on September 07, 2019. The seven dancing groups made their way through the streets despite the heat of the sun. One can see the eager and the preparation they all made to make this festivity a blast. After the street dancing, everyone gathered at the covered court/gym of Bais. Hundreds of people gathered to witness the festive event.

Watch the Tapasayaw Festival 2019 Video here:

Happy Fiesta Bais City!!!

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