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Sandurot Festival 2014 - Dumaguete

Sandurot Festival 2014 – 66th Charter Day Celebrations

Dumaguete’s 66th Charter Day celebration and the Sandurot Festival 2014 is perfectly placed between Buglasan and Christmas. The event loaded 10 days celebration is held from November 16 to 25, 2014. The highlights being the Charter Day Parade and of course the Miss Dumaguete 2014 Pageant, where last year’s winner Lorraine Kendrickson became just recently the 1st princess of Miss World Philippines 2014.

Sandurot Festival 2014 - Dumaguete

The Sandurot Festival and 66th Charter Day celebration start very sportive with the Dumaguete Adventure Marathon and the Karatedo competition. In the evening the candidates for Miss Dumaguete 2014 present their talent at the stage at Quezon Park to determine who will follow Lorraine as new Miss Dumaguete 2014. The following Sandurot Festival and 66th Charter Day Celebration Calendar of Activities is tentative and may change without prior notice.

Sandurot Festival 2014 – Schedule of Events

Day 1: Sunday – November 16, 2014

Dumaguete Adventure Marathon –Robinson Area 5am

Sandurot Karatedo – Quadrangle 4pm

         Sandurot Kick Ball Challenge-1 week DCHS Gym

Fiesta Opening Salvo Miss Dumaguete 2014  Presentation and Talent Night at Quezon Park 7pm

 Day 2: Monday – November 17, 2014

         Farm Family Congress Day 1–Quezon Park 9am

        Jay Cyrus Studio Kids Variety Show –Quezon Park 5pm

        Sandurot Pop Dance Competition –Quezon Park 8pm

Day 3: Tuesday – November 18, 2014

Farm Family Congress Day 2

         Saint Paul’s University Dumaguete (SPUD) night: Musical Concert Quezon Park 6pm

Sandurot Folk Dance Competition at Quezon Park 8pm

Day 4: Wednesday – November 19, 2014

Farm Family Congress Day 3

         Philippine Army Night Variety Show – Quezon Park 7pm

Day 5: Thursday – November 20, 2014

       DYRL 90.5 FM Day Quezon Park 2pm-11pm Variety Shows and Contest


Dumaguete Sandurot Festival

Day 6: Friday – November 21, 2014

Miss Dumaguete 2014  Pageant Night at the NOCC 8pm

Sandurot Transport Show Competition Day 1- Capitol Area 6pm 

         DYHP Variety Comedy Show at Quezon Park 7pm

Day 7: Saturday – November 22, 2014

Sandurot Festival – Street Dancing-3pm Showdown Presentation 5pm

Rice is Life Fest FU- Robinson Place

         DEP-ED Dumaguete Insignia Variety Show – Quezon Park 7pm

Globe Night at the Boulevard- 9pm

         Sandurot Transport Competition Day 2 -Capitol Area

        Pista sa Boulevard : Vamos ala Banquete Day 1

       Fiesta Bazaar sa Boulevard Day 2

Day 8: Sunday – November 23, 2014

          Dumaguete Triathlon-Rizal Boulevard 5am

         Sandurot National Bully (dog) Show Robinsons

         Skylife Sandurot Dance Showdown -Quezon Park 7pm

         Sandurot Transport Competition Day 3

         Pista sa Boulevard: Vamos ala Banquete Day 2

         Fiesta Bazaar sa Boulevard Day 2

Day 9: Monday – November 24, 2014

Charter Day Thanksgiving Mass – Dumaguete Cathedral 9am

Charter Day Parade & Float Competition at SU Grandstand 3pm

         ABS CBN kapamilya Caravan Quezon park 7pm

        Dagit Strees Party- Boulevard 9pm

        Pista sa Boulevard: Vamos ala Banquete Day 3

Day 10: Tuesday – November 25, 2014

         City Fiesta Cathedral-9am

         Social Welfare Day Quezon Park 9am

         ALA-Cobra Boxing Tour -City Hall Quadrangle 5pm

        Little Miss Sandurot sang 2GO Quezon Park 7pm



Sandurot Festival - Dumaguete

Happy Fiesta Dumaguete

info source :
City Tourism Officer Woodrow Maquiling Jr. & MetroPost

Governor's Cup - Buglasan Sports Festival

Governor’s Cup Buglasan Sports Festival 2014

Governor's Cup - Buglasan Sports Festival

The Governor’s Cup Buglasan Sports Festival might be considered by many people as one of the minor events at Buglasan. They prefer the colorful parades and beauty contests. However, there are thousands of participants practicing hard over many years to reach the level required to even finish some of the competitions, not talking about being a top-runner. All participants and organizers working hard on those events, to get them successfully going. If you want to cheer for your favorites teams and contestants or are just interested in sports, there is each day something going on.

Schedule of Events Governor’s Cup 2014

Saturday October 04, 2014

6:00am Buglasan Sports Opening: Kids Fun Run Lead at Macias Sports Center (organize by Metro Dumaguete Roadrunners Club – Deo Salem)

7:00am Governor’s Sports Festival Sport Expo at Macias Sports Center Parking Area lead by (NOSCF Management Board- Glenn Badon)

8:00am NORSPORTS Fun Dodge Ball at Macias Sports Center Parking Area lead by (NORSPORTS Dumaguete Dodge Ball Club – Ike Xavier Villaflores)

Sunday October 05, 2014

2:00pm Buglasan Duathlon 20 (Run 3.Bike 15. Run 2) at Valencia Town Park lead by (NORSPORTS – Multi-Sports SBR Negros Oriental- Joel Balajadia)

October 06 to 12, 2014

4:00pm Buglasan 45 and above Basketball at Macias Sports Center lead by (NORSPORTS Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas- Dennis Cimafranca)

Wednesday October 08, 2014

8:00am Buglasan Larong Pinoy for Lolo and Lola at Macias Sports Center lead by (NOSDEP- Provencial Social and Welfare Development- Alice Legarda)

October 11 to 12 2014

8:00am Buglasan Karatedo Competition at Macias Sports Center lead by (NORSPORT- Dyo-Kyohan Karate Association – Dionald Bancairen)

8:00am Buglasan Arnis Competition at Macias Sports Center lead by (NORSPORTS –Dumaguete Arnis Association –Ike Xavier Villaflores)

Sunday October 12, 2014

11:30am Buglasan Swim Bike Run (Standard/Sprint) at I Love Dumaguete Rizal Boulevard lead by (NORSPORTS – Multi sports SBR Negros Oriental – Flom Datoy)

Lamberto Macias Sports Complex

October 12, to 18, 2014

4:00pm Buglasan Open Invitation Basketball at Macias Sports Center lead by (NORSPORTS Samahang Basketboll ng Pilipinas – Dennis Cimafranca)

October 17, to 19, 2014

8:00am Governor’s Cup Chess at Negor Convention Center Hall lead by NORSPORTS- Negros Club 64 – Hilbert Arinaza)

8:00am Buglasan Sepak Takraw at Negros oriental High School lead by (NORSPORTS Sepak Takraw Negros Oriental- Bernabe Bustillo)

8:00am Governor’s Cup Badminton for Peace at The Court Hypermart Dumaguete lead by (NORSPORTS Dumaguete NegOr Badminton Club – Maniloto Saldivar)

8:00am Buglasan Football Festival at M.Perdices Coliseum Field- Elmer Gallardo )

October 17 to 21, 2014

5:00pm Buglasan 9- ball Billiards at J’s Pocket Billiard, San Juan Street lead by (NORSPORTS Negros Oriental Pool Players Association- Butch Duran)

October 17 to 31, 2014

8:00am Governor’s Cup Volleyball at TBA lead by (NORSPORTS Negros Oriental Volleyball association- Ana Salud Parco

October 18 to 19, 2014

8:00am Buglasan table Tennis at Robinsons Place Dumaguete Lead by (NORSPORTS Dumaguete Table Tennis Association – Peter Credo)

8:00am Buglasan Ultimate Frisbee Cup at Cimafranca Park, Upper Daro lead by (NOSDEP- Negros Oriental Ultimate Players Association- Joseph John Oeden)

October 18 to 22, 2014

8:00am Buglasan PenCal Silat at NegOr Convention Center Hall lead by (NORSPORTS PhilSilat Sports Association- Ana Salud Parco)

Sunday October 19, 2014

7:00am Buglasan 1Mile Open Water Swim at Dumaguete Bay Rizal Boulevard lead by (NORSPORTS Multi Sport SBR Negros Oriental –Monique Furbeyre)

8:00am Buglasan Motard Cross at TBA lead by (NORSPORTS Adrenaline Rush Motor Sports- Jonathan Pabalate

October 19 to 28, 2014

4:00pm Buglasan Inter- Town and Cities Basketball Cup at Macias Sports Center lead by (NORSPORTS Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas- Dennis Cemafranca)

October 20 to 21, 2014

8:00 AM Buglasan Athletics Competitions at Mariano Perdices Track Oval lead by (NORSPORTS Metro Dumaguete Roadrunners Club- Arolas Amahit)

Friday October 24, 2014

4:00 PM Buglasan Body Building Competition at Robinsons Place Dumaguete lead by (NORSPORTS My Gym Fitness Gym – Jade Libby Ragay)

October 24 to 25, 2014

8:00 AM Buglasan Lawn Tennis at Praxivilla Tennis Courts lead by (NORSPORTS Dumaguete Lawn Tennis- Dennis Barraquias)

8:00 AM Buglasan Softball & Baseball at Dumaguete City High School Field lead by (NORSPORTS – NegOr Amateur Softball Baseball Assoc- Reynaldo Villiran)

October 24 to 26, 2014

8:00 AM Buglasan Flag Football at Foundation University Ballfield lead by (NORSPORTS – Dumaguete Flag Football Club- Millescent Grace Tatel)

October 25 to 26, 2014

8:00 AM Governor’s Cup Invitational Swim at LGT Aqua Center lead by (NORSPORTS – Negros Oriental Blue Dolphin- Sheila Omaguing)

Sunday October 26, 2014

5:00 AM Buglasan 10-mile Off-road at Bacong-Valencia Off Road lead by (NORSPORTS – Metro Dumaguete                 Roadrunners Club- Deo Salem)

6:00 AM Buglasan Fun MTB Lake Balanan – Dumaguete at Lake Balanan, Siaton to Dumaguete lead by (NOSDEP – Provincial Employees Bikers Club- Ryan)

4:00 PM Buglasan Mixed Martial Arts at Macias Sports Center Parking Area lead by (NORSPORTS – My Gym Fitness Gym- Jade Libby Ragay)

The Schedule of Events for the Governor’s Cup Buglasan Sports Festival 2014 was provided by Paultom Paras – Sports Development Officer. There might be changes without prior notice. You can find more info and updates  on the Facebook Page of Negros Oriental Sports Development Program.