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Office of the City Agriculturist offers Public Service

Republic of the Philippines City of Dumaguete Office of the City Agriculturist offers a public service.

Provision of “PLOW Now Pay Later” Program.

Steps how to avail of Service for Applicant or Client.

  • Write letter to City Agriculturist expressing interest to avail of the Plow Now Pay Later Program.
  • Guide Agricultural  technician during site inspection and validation
  • Submit photo copy of I.D. and Residence Certificate.
  • Sign the Duly prepared MOA for approval by the City Agriculturist and President of Farmers’ Federation.
  • Wait for the date and schedule of services (first come first serve basis)
  • Assist in actual Plowing.

Steps of Administrator’s Office activities for the Applicant or Client

  • Interview the applicant then the approval by the assigned agricultural technician.
  • Conduct field inspection and validation for 1 day (the person in charge would be agricultural technician and the client.
  • Preparation of PNPL (Plow Now Pay Later) Memorandum of Agreement (person in charge Encoder/agricultural technician and Client.
  • Facilitate signing MOA ( person in charge  agricultural technician)
  • Inform the beneficiary of the plowing schedule
  • Farm tractor operator undertakes the operation for 1 day or depending on the size of the area.  (Person in charge agricultural technician and the client.)

Note: Pay the actual cost of farm tractor operator and fuel/expenses after harvest to the City treasurer’s Office.


Inland Fisheries (Tilapia Fingerlings Dispersal and Technical assistance) Program

Steps How to Avail of the service of City Agriculturist:

  • Consult Agricultural Technician on how to avail of Tilapia Fingerlings.
  • Accept the schedule for site inspection. (Agriculturist will conduct ocular inspection.
  • Collect the recommended number of tilapia fingerlings (preparation of tilapia fingerlings at City Farmstead.)person in charge is fishery technician/ agricultural technician.
  • Signed up in the record book. The administrator will facilitate signing of recipient in the dispersal log book. Person in charge is fishery technician/ agricultural technician.

For more Question and information please visit and call:

Office of the City Agriculturist

Second Floor Building 9 Public Market
Sen. Lorenzo G. Teves Street
Dumaguete City

Tel: (035) 422 – 8107
Head of the City Agriculturist: Mr. William E. Ablong

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