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Buglasan Festival 2018 – Street Dancing and Showdown

One of the most prestigious events in Negros Oriental is the Buglasan Festival 2018. The street dancing and Showdown was held last October 19. Read more!


Buglasan Festival 2017 – Showdown & Street Dancing

The Buglasan Festival 2017 Showdown and Street Dancing was nothing else but a big success for all. Find some great pictures here in our galleries!

Kalye Sayaw 2017 - Dauin Festival

Dauin Kalye Sayaw 2017

Dauin Kalye Sayaw 2017 has set a new mark in the history of Dauin with its first ever festivity celebration of this kind. Check out our galleries here

Tayasan Festival 2017 - Tayasan - Negros Oriental - Philippines

Tayasan Festival 2017

The Tayasan Festival 2017 was a colorful event under blue skies with the sun smiling down on everybody. Check our galleries of ths colorful event.

Sandurot Festival 2016

Sandurot Festival 2016 – Dumaguete City

The Sandurot Festival 2016 Street Dancing and Showdown was nothing short of a huge success. Check out some pictures of the event here.


Buglasan Festival 2016 – Showdown & Street Dancing

The high-light Buglasan Festival is the showdown and the street dancing. Find Buglasan Festival 2016 – Showdown & Street Dancing pictures here!

Buglasan Festival

Street Dancing Parade – Buglasan 2015

The weather god was once again with Dumaguete and Negros Oriental during the Street Dancing Parade of the Buglasan Festival 2015.

Festivals - Negros Oriental

Kapaw Festival 2015 – Street Dance

The Kapaw Festival 2015 in Basay was a full success. The municipality of Basay was on its feet and a fully packed gym cheered for all four contestants participating in the showdown. When the street dance competition started the streets of the town were one big party.

Kapaw Festival Basay

Street Dancing at Kapaw Festival 2015

Basay Street Dance Competition – Kapaw Festival

Basay - Negros Oriental

Basay - Street Dance

Kapaw Festival 2015

66th Charter Day Parade Dumaguete City

66th Charter Day Parade

The 66th Charter Day Parade occupied yesterday the streets of Dumaguete. Lead by our beloved Mayor Manuel “Chiquitting” Sagarbarria and Congressman George Arnaiz, the parade started at Quezon Park up to Real Street to turn north and end at the Silliman Ballfield. Therefore our first gallery is for the officials of the City of Gentle People

 Congressman George Arnaiz and Mayor  Mayor Manuel "Chiquitting" Sagarbarria lead the Charter Day Parade

Congressman George Arnaiz and Mayor Mayor Manuel “Chiquitting” Sagarbarria leading the Charter Day Parade

Float of Barangay Calindagan

Barangay Calindagan

After the Dumaguete Government Officials were countless organizations from Police Department to the Little Children of the Philippines and from Paintballers to Cosplayers. Here are some of them:

Without stepping on anybodies toes, the highlight were of course the marching bands in their colorful costumes spread throughout the parade. We have so many pictures, that we split the gallery in two parts for a better loading time


Dumaguete City - Charter Day Parade

Jimalalud - Hambabalud Festival

Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance

The Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance was traditionally held on Friday. This day was also a special regional holiday. As it could be expected, the Macias Sports Complex and the streets of Dumaguete were packed and it appeared that whole Negros Oriental came to its capital to enjoy the festival of festivals. After all judges, politicians, celebrities and beauty-queens were present, the show finally could start.

Buglasan 2014 Showdown

Eight participants were competing in different categories. The ninth performer was Sta. Catalina with the famous Pakol Festival. They did not participate, as their little monkeys always got the heart of the audience and the judges and basically won all Buglasan competitions over the last years. For this achievement, they got rewarded with the “Golden Slam” and a nice big trophy. It need to be said that Sibulans Yag Yag festival would be a serious competitor for the dance-troop from Sta Catalina and it would be a close call who gets the title at Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance.

Following some pictures we took at the Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance 

 1 – Bayawan Tawo Tawo Festival

1 - Bayawan Tawo Tawo Festival

 2 – Sibulan Yag-Yag Festival

2 - Sibulan Yag-Yag Festival


4 – Jimalalud – Hambabalud Festival

Jimalalud - Hambabalud Festival

5 – Dumaguete – Sandurot Festival

Dumaguete - Sandurot Festival


6 – San Jose – Ayuquitan Festival

San Jose - Ayuquitan Festival


7 – Bais -Hudyaka Festival

7 - Bais -Hudyaka Festival


8 – Tanjay – Bod Bod Festival

Tanjay - Bod Bod Festival

9 – Sta. Catalina – Pakol Festival


Trophy for Grand Slam Winner Sta. Catalina - Pakol Festival

Trophy for Grand Slam Winner Sta. Catalina – Pakol Festival