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Basay Fiesta 2022 Schedule of Activities

Highlight events for Basay Fiesta 2022 include Miss Basay 2022, civic parade, and the Sugba-Sugba Festival. Full schedule here!

Kapaw Festival 2020 – Schedule of Events

The Kapaw Festival 2020 of Basay will be held from March 12 – 18, 2020. Don’t miss out on their great events such as the Sugba Sugba Festival. Read more!

Basay – Negros Oriental – Video

The municipality of Basay is located 125 km from Dumaguete City. Learn more about Basay, it’s people, beaches and food! Watch Video here.

Video of Miss Basay 2019

The Miss Basay 2019 was nothing else but a huge success! Ten lovely ladies of Basay battled for the crown and title. Watch video here!

Miss Basay 2019

The coronation night for Miss Basay 2019 was held last March 17, 2019 and it was a blast! Ten ladies, one crow & one title. Read more & View Gallery here!

Basay Kapaw Festival 2019 – Schedule of Events

We welcome you too in joining in the celebration of the Kapaw Festival 2019 from March 11 – 18, 2019. Read more and View Schedule here!

Video of Miss Basay 2018

The Miss Basay 2018 was a pageant of success with 10 lovely ladies battling for the crown and title. Click here to watch the Miss Basay 2018 Video!

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay, Negros Oriental

Kapaw Festival 2018

It is hard to believe that another year went by so fast and we are back in Basay for the Kapaw Festival 2018. Check out our Gallery of this great Festival !

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay Fiesta - Schedule of Activities

Basay Fiesta & Kapaw Festival 2018 – Schedule of Activities

Every year, Basay is filled up with so much laughter and merry making during the celebration of the Town Fiesta and the Kayaw Festival. The Kapaw Festival 2018 & Basay Fiesta 2018 will be held from March 11 – March 18, 2018. Check out the Kapaw Festival 2018 & Basay Fiesta Schedule of Activities here!

Kapaw Festival 2017

Kapaw Festival 2017 in Basay – Negros Oriental

The Kapaw Festival 2017 in Basay did once again exceed all expectations. Find some pictures of showdown and street dancing in our gallery here.