Miss Basay 2024

Basay – Negros Oriental

The search for Miss Basay 2024 was one of the highlights of this year’s fiesta celebration. 2024 the DC Team had the chance to be in Basay in time to watch the talent night, which was 2 days before the actual coronation night. The lovely candidates from different barangays showed their talents to an excited crowd in the packed municipality gym of Basay. Most performers choose to sing or dance, which is hard to capture on photos.

Miss Basay 2024 – Coronation Night

The coronation night of Miss Basay 2024 was held on the 16th of March 2024. It was a very exciting event in the municipality on the border to Negros Occidental. Not only the DC-Team, but the whole municipality of Basay and many visitors from neighboring towns were excited to see the lovely candidates competing for the crown.

Kapaw Festival Costume

The search for Miss Basay started with a huge Bang. Everybody was on their feet, when the candidates stepped on the stage for the very first time this evening. Basay is the “Fishing Capital of Negros Oriental”, which reflected in the stunning outfits of the lovely candidates on stage. From the very first moment, it was obvious, that the judges will have to make a tough call, finding the winner.

Miss Basay 2024 – Beachwear

Following the colorful opening, it was time for the candidates to change into their beach outfit. It is the most awaited round at each competition, as the candidates need to show a lot of confidence with that many eyes attached to them. They mastered their walk professional and the temperature at the venue certainly climbed a few degrees with so much stunning beauty concentrated on a stage.

Miss Basay 2024 Evening Gown

After some cooling down, it was time for the final outfit, the evening gown. It is at each beauty contest the moment, when we do not only admire the candidates, when they glide elegant like on clouds inf their electrifying gowns, but also admire the creators of the dresses. They are not only evening gowns, but they are also a piece of art.

While a beauty pageant needs to have a winner, at the Miss Basay coronation night were no losers. A big “Thank You” goes to the organizers and the Basay Tourism Office for having the DC-Team at the event. Congratulations to all and…

Congratulations Miss Basay 2024

Miss Basay 2024
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