Sinulog Festival 2018 in Jimalalud

Negros Oriental – Philippines

Sinulog Festival in Jimalalud 2018

The celebration of the Sinulog Festival is one of the most important events for the people of Jimalalud. Associated with the municipality fiesta, the Sinulog sa Jimalalud street dancing and showdown was celebrated on January 13, 2018.

Sinulog Festival in Jimalalud 2018

Sinulog Festival

The Sinulog Festival is not only celebrated in Jimalalud, but all parts of the Philippines as well. Cebu City celebrates the grandest Sinulog Festival in all over the Philippines, with different activities that last for a whole month. But here in Negros Oriental, Jimalalud is very well know for its very own Sinulog Festival celebration. It is a grand cultural and religious celebration with the patron Santo Niño (Holy Boy/Child Jesus).

Sinulog Festival Street Dancing

The chosen date of the street dancing was not as sunny and bright as everyone expected it to be. Rain poured from the sky as if there was a river going down from heaven. The different contingents for the competition had to wait a while in order to perform on the streets. One thing that made us (DC-Team) smile was the warm spirits and possivity of the people living in Jimalalud. One of the dancers got caught in the rain but continued to smile and say “Grasya gikan sa Ginoo ning ulan (Rain is a form of blessing given by God)”. True enough, after the rain, God cleared the skies and the Sinulog Festival Street Dancing began.

Showdown Competition

After parading the colorful costumes of the different contingents, it was time to compete for the performance. With the fast-paced beating of the drums, the dancers were able to give a very enthusiastic performance that made the audience at the Jimalalud Gymnasium cheer with joy. The whole event was very heart warming and light for the DC-Team thanks to the Jimalalud Tourism Office and Jimalalud Mayor, for allowing us to cover the event. We were able to get some of the best seats and authorities to make the pictures need give enjoyment our readers and viewers.

Until next year Jimalalud. Happy Jimalalud Fiesta and Viva Sto. Niño!!!

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