Resorts in Basay

The small municipality at the border to Negros Occidental might not be one of the top tourist spots of Negros Oriental. However, we not only found some great places to visit, but also some nice accommodations to stay at. One located at the  probably nicest beach of our province. So let’s check out the beach resorts in Basay.

Funtasea Beach Resort

Funtasea Beach Resort is located on a beautiful nice stretch of white beach in Barangay Nagbo-Alao just sous of Basay proper. Like the name of the resort suggests, all is about “fun at the sea”. The beautiful landscaped resort covers around 8,000 square-meter with the potential to extend it to almost double size. The management plans to add a pool and other facilities. Centerpiece of the Funtasea Beach Resort is the restaurant area with all rooms and bungalows located to the side of the area. Main attraction of Funtasea is certainly the stunning white beach which does not need to fall behind to any of the best beaches in the country.

Rooms and Rates at Funtasea

The resort has different categories of rooms to choose from, starting with a traditional Cabana with no air conditioner up to a Family Cabana with first class amenities. Funtasea Beach Resort has different rates for high- and low-season.

Traditional Cabana (no air-con)-  P 699.00/P 799.00

Traditional Cabana  – P 1,099.00/P 1499.00
cable TV, hot and cold shower, good for 2 persons

Tropical Casita – P 1, 499.00/P 1,999.00m
mini Bar, cable TV, hot and cold shower, good for 2 person

Princess Alanas Beach Inn

Princess Alanas Beach Inn is located at Barangay Nagbo-alao. The small Beach Resort is on top of a cave facing the ocean, which grants easy access to its elevated resort.

Princess Alanas Beach Inn has only 6 rooms starting the price of Php 600.00m to Php 1200.00 and Php 1500.00.

Lacosta Del Mar Beach Resort

Lacosta Del Mar Beach Resort has only 4 cottages for rent

Php 250.00 Good for overnight 3 to 5 persons
Php 300.00 good for overnight 3 to 5 Persons
Php 500.00 good for over nigh 5 to 8 Persons
Native House Bungalow style for only Php 500.00 good for 3 to 4 Persons

Sunset in Basay