PSA Birth Certificate in 4 Easy Steps

Philippine Statistics Authority – Video

Getting a PSA Birth Certificate is now easy as 1,2,3,4. That’s right! In just four easy and simple steps, you can get a copy of your birth certificate at the PSA or Philippine Statistics Authority Office. As you might know already, a Philippine birth certificate is one of the most important documents one needs. The PSA office is formally known as the NSO or National Statistics Office. On December 29, 2013 the National Statistics Office (NSO), National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES) and the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) into the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Watch the PSA Birth Certificate video here:

– Any Valid ID (watch the video to find out)
– Php 155.00

NOTE: We are NOT the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Office. For more information or related questions, please get in touch with your respective branch.

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