PSA Dumaguete City

Philippine Statistics Authority

PSA Dumaguete City

The Philippine Statistics Authority Office is one of the most important government offices. It is in charge of planning, developing, prescribing, disseminating, enforcing policies, and coordinating government-wide programs in the country. In the year 2013, the NSO, National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), and the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) into the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Duties of the PSA Office

When someone says, PSA Office, most Filipinos would think of getting a birth certificate or a marriage contract. However, the office does more than that! Here are a few functions of the PSA:

  • Serve as the central statistical authority of the Philippine government on primary data collection.
  • Prepare and conduct periodic censuses on population, housing, agriculture, fisheries, business, industry, and other sectors of the economy.
  • Collect, compile, analyze, abstract and publish statistical information relating to the country’s economic, social, demographic and general activities and condition of the people.
  • Prepare and conduct statistical sample surveys on all aspects of socioeconomic life including agriculture, industry, trade, finance, prices and marketing information, income and expenditure, education, health, culture, and social situations for the use of the government and the public.
  • Carry out, enforce and administer civil registration functions in the country as provided for in Act 3753, the Law on Registry of Civil Status.
  • Promote and develop integrated social and economic statistics and coordinate plans for the integration of those statistics, including the national accounts.

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Get a Birth Certificate

A Birth Certificate is one of the most important documents that every individual must possess. This document will state when and where you were born. Who are your parents, how you were born? Sometimes, the original copy of your birth certificate is needed for other government documents such as passport and etc. But getting another copy can now be down in four easy steps at the nearest NSO or PSA Office around you!

Philippine Statistics Authority - PSA logo

Here are the Four Easy Steps:

Step 1: Go to the nearest PSA (Philippine Statistic Authority).
Step 2: Fill in the form for claiming a copy of a Birth Certificate with the correct data. You will get a priority number either from the security guard or the person in charge.
Step 3: Wait for your number to be called and pay at the cashier. After paying wait by the Releasing Window.
Step 4: Claim you birth certificate by presentencing any valid ID at the releasing window.

A copy of a Birth Certificate will cost Php 155.00.

Watch How to Get a Birth Certificate Video here:

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Location and Contacts of PSA Dumaguete:

Jose Romero Road
(Valencia Road Lower Bagacay)
Dumaguete City 6200

Contact: (035) 422-4372;
(035) 225 – 0960

Note: PSA Dumaguete is Next to the Building of Social Security System (SSS) is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT the PSA office!
For ANY related question, get in touch with the PSA office!