Pecha Kucha Night

Dumaguete City

Pehca Kucha Night

Pecha Kucha Night in Dumaguete is held as part of preserving the heritage and the arts of both literature and photography of the city. The latest Pecha Kucha Night was held last night at the Paseo Perdices, Rizal Boulevard at around 7:20 pm.

What is Pecha Kucha?

Pecha Kucha is originally a Japanese presentation practice that was introduced by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. It is a presentation of several images (20 images x 20 seconds each), with an interpreter or volunteer who shares their inner thought of the image and their life experience. The first ever Pecha Kucha was held in Tokyo back in 2003 of February.

The creators of the Pecha Kucha Night, Astrid Klein, is a female German artist experienced with the various fields of photography, painting and visual arts. She was born in 1951 and was trained about four years at the Köln International School of Design.

Structure & Presentation

Pecha Kucha Night has a typical presentation with 8 to 14 speakers. Each with 20 slides presented for 20 seconds each (total 6 minutes 40 seconds). Different variations of format are respected; however, the main structures are the same. Audience and speakers of the Pecha Kucha Night are ‘usually’ related to design, photography, architecture, art, reactive fields and academia.

This unique form of literature is being held globally as “new viral” form of poetry. Sharing the inner thoughts to other individuals to form a certain connection and common ground. Anyone can present during the sharing.

The Big 20 of Pecha Kucha Night Dumaguete

The Pecha Kucha Night was organized by Ian Rosales and Renz Torres with the help of music expertise of Marco Alessandro Montesa. Thanks to the support of the Dumaguete City Tourism Office, the Pecha Kucha Night was made possible.

Pecha Kucha Night Dumaguete

Speakers and topic of the Pecha Kucha Night include:

  • Val Amiel Vestil – What It’s Like To Get Your Heart Broken
  • Danielle Gaston – Dreaming of Acting
  • Gabby del Prado – The Journey Towards Gabby’s Bistro
  • Rhyn Anthony Esolana – The Passion of Student Activism
  • Angelo Villanueva – Being the Life of a Party
  • Onna Rhea Quizo – What’s It Like to Have a Gay Brother
  • Malka Shaver – Surviving a Beauty Pageant
  • Ian Omictin – People Photography
  • Edison Monte de Ramos Manuel – Cooking Dumaguete-Style
  • J Marie Maxino – The Care of Pussycats
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