Noreco II – Reopening of Account

NORECO II - Reopening of Account

The following policy of reopening an account with NORECO II is applicable to registered member consumers or their beneficiaries whose accounts have been disconnected for more than three (3) months and how wish to re-apply for electric service.

  • All applicants for reopening shall comply with the following requirements:
    Clearance for reopening from the finance services department or sub-area office.
  • Electrical sketch plan signed by a professional electrical engineer (PEE) or as-built electrical plan for those disconnected for one (1) year and above.
  • Attendance to pre-membership education seminar
  • Payment of bill deposit
  • Payment of service fee and notarial fee
  • Signing of application for electric service agreement
  • Issuance of connect order

The applicants must submit the following documents in support of their application:

1.If the deceased consumer is the parent, grandparent or relative, the applicant shall submit the death certificate and the following:

  • Marriage contract, if surviving spouse is the applicant
  • Birth certificate, if children are the applicants
  • Proof of succession of property, if any one of the children/relative is the applicant

2.If the property was acquired through a public instrument:

  • Deed of sale, deed of donation and the like
  • Land title
  • Tax declaration of the property (land and building)

3.If due to award, court order or extra judicial settlement of property:

  • Certificate of award from concerned government agency
  • Court decision with certificate of finality
  • Extrajudicial settlement of the estate of the deceased

For inquiries and questions regarding the reopening of an account with NORECO II please call directly the NORECO 2 office: (035) 225 – 4830 or 422 – 6522 or Visit NORECO 2 Located at: Real Street, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental. is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from their offices.
We are NOT connected with NORECO!
For ANY question, get in touch with their office!

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