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NORECO II - Disconnection Termination of Electric Services

A grace period is accorded to MCOs (member consumer) for the payment of electric bills. This is to give sufficient time for the MCOs to settle their monthly obligations once they receive their electric bill or statement of account. The grace period is nine (9) days from receipt of the electric bill or seven (7) days from due date.

Disconnection of NORECO II Electric Service

After the lapse of the grace period, an unpaid electric bill will mean delinquency and the electric service is subject to disconnection.

Prior to disconnecting the service, a written 48-hour notice of disconnection will be served to the MCO to provide adequate time for the MCO to settle his obligation and suspend the disconnection of electric service.

In the event of disconnection, if after 30 days from the date of disconnection the MCO has failed to settle his obligation with the cooperative and has not initiated, the reconnection of the electric service, retirement of facilities shall become mandatory.

Retirement of electric service is the removal of all facilities necessary for the provision of electric service, such as, but not limited to service drop wires, meter base, wattmeter and other accessories of the service entrance and metering facilities.

Retirement of electric service does not mean termination of the electric service contract.

However, if the electric service of the MCO has been disconnected because of unpaid bills and the said service has not been reconnected within a period of three months from disconnection, NORECO will terminate the electric service contract of the MC0.

For inquiries and questions regarding the disconnection, termination or retirement of an account at NORECO II please call directly the NORECO 2 office: (035) 225 – 4830 or 422 – 6522 or Visit NORECO 2 Located at: Real Street, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental. is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from their offices.
We are NOT connected with NORECO!
For ANY question, get in touch with their office!

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