Miss Tanjay City 2022

Coronation Night

Miss Tanjay 2022 - Winners

The Miss Tanjay 2022 Coronation Night was held last July 23, 2022 at the city gymnasium at the Osmena Park. After two years due to the pandemic, the fiesta is finally celebrated once more in the “City of Professionals”. This year’s search for a new queen was participated by 11 lovely candidates from the different barangays of the city. The coronation night started around 8:30 pm with a lively production number.

Production Number – Dalagang Tanjayanon

The stage was lit up with a great production number featuring the 11 candidates dancing to an original song Dalagang Tanjayanon. The term “dalaga” means young woman who has passed puberty but is not married. The ladies wore a modern Filipiniana terno white top with the usual puff sleeve and a lime green skirt. The judges for the pageant were introduced of course and Tanjay Mayor Jose “Pepe” T. Orlino gave his opening speech.

Swimwear Competition

Not a moment wastes and the candidates went backstage and changed into their sizzling red-hot swimwear. They then graced the stage with their catwalks, turns, and hip swaying. This part of the competition is indeed one of the hottest portions. Paired with the swimsuit is a flower crown to give that beach/summer-effect. A quick preliminary question and answer followed after. Here the candidate got to show off their wits and composure.

Filipiniana Evening Gowns

Continuing with the dalagang Tanjayanon concept, the eleven ladies paraded the stage with their beautiful and sparkling Filipiniana evening gowns. All with their modern twists and designs. This year’s gown theme – “sparkles”.  Soon after the top five ladies were announced and asked the final question and answer. The winners of the Miss Tanjay 2019, did their farewell walk as the new Miss Tanjay 2022 winner was announced!

Congratulations Miss Tanjay 2022!  

Miss Tanjay 2022 - Winner

Miss Tanjay City 2022 – Ashwerria Nicole Q. Buagas (Brgy. Luca)
• Best in Production Number, Best Speaker , Miss Photogenic & Best in Evening Gown awards.

List of Winners:

#5 Caroline Tam (Brgy. Luca)
• Miss Sinulog sa Tanjay 2022, Best in Swimsuit, Miss Social Media

#1 Adelfa Ambos (Brgy. Pal-ew)
• Miss Tanjay City Tourism 2022

#9 Nove Rose A. Saycon (Brgy. Tugas)
• 1st Runner-Up

#11 Amity Ferl Modina (Brgy. Polo)
• 2nd Runner-Up, Miss Congeniality

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