Miss Silliman 2016 Coronation Night

Dumaguete Miss Silliman 2016 Precious Stone Queen Attire

The Coronation Night of Miss Silliman 2016 was one of the highlights  of the SU Founders Day celebrations. Like it could be expected the venue was stuffed with thousands of cheering students, alumni and more or less important people. Of course the program started with prayers, national anthem and the production number. We were able to take some pictures backstage with the nervous but gorgeous contestants.

The organizers were able to gather together plenty of former Miss Silliman. You can see some of them in the gallery below and may agree that it is hard to tell is they are former Queens or actual contestants for the Miss Silliman 2016 title.

The Precious Stones of Silliman

Like each year the candidates had a fantasy costume round where. In the past years the themes were birds and zodiac signs, in 2016 the theme was Precious Stones. If one would not know it, it would be hard to detect. However, the fantasy costumes were stunning and that is all what it needs to be.

After a last break the candidates for Miss Silliman 2016 entered the stage in their evening gown. Obviuolsy, blue was the color of the day.

Congratulations Miss Silliman 2016

Miss Silliman 2016 Miss Aiko Kitane of (CBA) Collage of Business Administration
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