1st Hibalag Festival King & Queen 2016

Hibalag Festival

Last night saw another “First” at the Hibalag Festival which takes place during the 115th Silliman Founders Day Celebrations. The search for the Hibalag Festival King and Queen 2016 took place in front of the stage at Ravello Ballfield inside the Silliman University Campus.

Silliman 2016 Festival King and Queen

To explain the meaning to our foreign visitors: The term “Hibalag” can be translated with “Get Together”. During the Silliman University Founders Day the Hibalag Festival Area is the place to meet each other, celebrate together and enjoy plenty activities and events. Six lovely ladies as well as six young gentlemen presented themselves to the cheerful audience. The program did not waste any time with long speeches and intermissions and was very entertaining. This kept the audience “on their feet” and excited. No one walked away to the other happenings on the Hibalag Festival Area.

The search for the 1st Hibalag Festival King & Queen 2016 was definitely a great event and we can only hope that it will not be a “Last”. We actually think it should get a bigger platform and not being just in front of a stage. Maybe the success this year will convince the decision-makers to have a bigger exposure next year.

The Spirit of Hibalag or “get-together” is very meaningful and unforgettable for all present students and Alumni, as they can bring the joyful past and the wonderful presence together. It gives the  un-explainable joy, which puts  a smile on our faces during the events and the Alumni re-unions after many years abroad. Connecting with their fellow Sillimanians is uplifting and inspirational for those attending, but also those that can’t come back to their Alma Mater for this events because of some important duties.

The hibalag activities  are  the way of the students and teachers  show casing their talents and Filipino culture, but also to bond and connect with each other .

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