Miss Negros Oriental 2016

Miss Negros Oriental 2016 - Beauty Pageant

The search for Miss Negros Oriental 2016 is taking place during the Buglasan Festival 2016. It is split into several events and locations and starts weeks before the actual festival. 14 candidates from different municipalities in Negros Oriental were competing this year for the title of Miss Negros Oriental 2016. We skipped the press conference as one can only listen to a certain amount of statements about “saved trees”, “educating the kids”, “green energy”, “rescuing the world with clicking like on Facebook and sharing stuff on social media”.

Miss Negros Oriental 2016 – Talent Round

Miss Negros Oriental 2016 -Talent-Presentation

The Talent-Round of the Miss Negros Oriental 2016 beauty pageant was held in a shopping mall which gave the broad public for the first time the opportunity to have a better look at the candidates. While some of the candidates did a really good job, others showed some warmed-up performances which we have seen multiple times at other contests. This is certainly not the candidates fault as it appears that some handlers, now called managers, appear to have only one trick up the sleeve and are not able to come up with something new for a rather big contest like Miss Negros Oriental. Nevertheless, most performances were pretty entertaining and got some good reaction of the crowd

Miss Negros Oriental 2016

The Swimsuit competition is certainly the most anticipated part of any beauty contest, well, at least for 50% of the world population. Why the organizers of the Miss Negros Oriental 2016 decided to hold this competition in an old resort away from any direct accessibility with public transportation will remain their secret. However, the 14 contestants did their very best and looked stunning in their blue bikinis as you can see in our small gallery.

Miss Negros Oriental 2016 
Coronation Night

Miss Negros Oriental 2016 – Bikini Round

Miss Negros Oriental 2016 – Evening Gown

Congratulations – Miss Negros Oriental 2016

Miss Negros Oriental 2016
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