Miss Mabinay 2020

Langub Festival Queen – Negros Oriental

Miss Mabinay 2020 - Langub Festival Queen

The search for Miss Mabinay 2020 was participated by seven lovely candidates. The selection and coronation night were held last January 23, 2020. In order to win the title and crown, the ladies had to compete in the different categories (production, bikini, talent, evening gown, and Q&A). This was made in celebration of the Mabinay Fiesta and Langub Festival 2020. Who do you think will be the Langub Festival Queen or the Miss Mabinay 2020?

Miss Mabinay 2020 – Coronation Night

The program started with of course the respective prayer, singing of the National Anthem and then the Mabinay hymn. After that, the candidates walked on stage for the production number. They wore a thing red mesh skirt and puffy top with a matching mesh head dress. They danced to the “Go! Mabinay Go!” song and introduced themselves.

After this, there was a fast transition from production to swimwear competition. This year’s bikini is royal blue with a flattering light blue cape. The candidates graced the stage with their fierce looks, high confidence and great bodies.

Aside from beauty and figure, the candidates had to showcase their talents as well. Some showcased their talent in singing, others through dancing and some in both. (Check out the video below to see the talent portion!)

A short intermission was made to give the ladies time to slip in their evening gowns. This year’s theme is white Filipiniana gowns. This made them look young, pure and elegant. The question and answered followed the evening gown round. Then the candidates were serenaded.

From seven candidates, the judges picked the top three. From the top three…the new Miss Mabinay 2020 was picked. Congratulations!!! Special thanks to Mabinay Mayor Joeterry A. Uy and Vice-Mayor Ernie Uy for always welcoming us. Until next year. Go! Mabinay Go!

Watch the Miss Mabinay 2020 Video here:

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