Miss Mabinay 2018

Mabinay | Negros Oriental | Philippines

MABINAY: It seems like yesterday that the DC-Team came to visit Mabinay for their fiesta celebration. Ohh how time flies! The prestigious municipality of Mabinay celebrates their fiesta with different activities. One highlight includes the search for Miss Mabinay 2018. The coronation night was held last January 22 2018 at the covered court of Mabinay, where in nine lovely candidates battle their way to the crown and title.

The DC Team were quite pleased with the Mabinay Tourism Office and Mabinay Mayor Ernie “Jango” T. Uy‘s  invitation to celebrate this year’s fiesta and festivity with them. We thoroughly enjoy the town’s hospitality for accommodating us at Mabinay Spring in order to cover these different events. Special thanks to the organizers and the tourism officers for giving us great seats to watch the Miss Mabinay 2018.

Miss Mabinay 2018 –  Coronation Night

There were five rounds of the competition namely production number, festival costume, bikini round, talent portion, and of course the evening gown. There were 2 elimination rounds with different sets of question and answer. Truly to be a Miss Mabinay, one must attain both the beauty and brains.

The covered court of Mabinay was packed with cheerful audience and ever supportive friends and families. With only a few intermissions in between, the whole show was stretched to a good predictable plot. After the production number, the candidates went backstage and changed in a blink of an eye for the next round of the beauty pageant. Bikini Round!!

In some beauty pageants, the festival attire/costume is used as the production number. In the municipality of Mabinay however, the festival attire (inspired by their Langub Festival of course) is surely another criteria. With earth colors, the candidates were suited in their own uniquely designed festival costumes.

And these surprises don’t stop there. In most beauty pageants, there are pre-pageants held days before the actual coronation night like the Talent Night and Press conference. But for this year’s Miss Mabinay 2018 Talent Night, they dared to include it with the coronation night. Although the each of the candidates portrayed their own talents, (personally) the time was just not enough to fully showcase their abilities.

With little time to waste and excited audience to please the candidates were dressed in their evening gowns to face the question and answer portion. Each of the candidates did their very best in answering their question. However, like in every beauty pageant only one can have the crown.

Congratulations Miss Mabinay 2018!!! Happy Fiesta Mabinay!!!

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