Miss Mabinay 2016

Miss Mabinay 2016

The search for Miss Mabinay 2016 was held one day before the Langub Festival. Nine lovely candidates were competing for the title in front of a full house. The hundreds of spectators needed to wait a long time. Announced at 7 pm, expected at 9pm, real start time past 10pm was probably responsible for some real tired faces on the seats. The production round was a kind of Las Vegas themed and showed the candidates in colorful, sexy show costumes.

Of course we don’t want to forget all the helping hands, judges, singer, dancers and sponsors. Without them an event like Miss Mabinay 2016 would not be possible. Following a few we could catch with our camera.

After the first round it was another 35-minute break filled with speeches and intermission numbers, before the 9 sweethearts entered the stage in swimwear.

The organizers did a wise decision. Having the Q&A round also in swim outfit was certainly highly appreciated by the audience.

Next was the talent round, which was as dreadful as those of the last view events we were. It might be the handlers who can’t come up with something interesting new, or the lacking talent of the candidates. For our part we are always happy when there is a separate talent night, which we gladly skip.

Last but not least the search for Miss Mabinay 2016 came to an end with the candidates in their evening gowns. All nine presented themselves gracefully on the big stage and it was now up to the panel of judges to decide who will win the Title of Miss Mabinay 2016.

Congratulations Miss Mabinay 2016

Miss Mabinay 2016
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