Kanglambat Festival 2017

Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental

Kanglambat Festival 2017 - Vallehermoso Negros Oriental - Philipines

The celebration of Kanglambat Festival plays an important role in the municipality of Vallehermoso. With the modernized world developing faster than a puffed chicken wanting to fly, traditions and other cultural practices may slowly diminish. However, here in Vallehermoso the Kanglambat Festival is considered as the symbol of development and growth to what they call as their modern civilization.

The showdown and the street dancing of the Kanglambat Festival 2017 was held on a hot summer afternoon. Even with the heat rising in the air, the festival participants were able to make their way to the streets with big smiles and ethnic grooves.

Locals and guests were of coursed pumped up to see the dancers during the street dancing. And even more, when the Kanglambat Festival 2017 Showdown started. Cheers were heard in every corner of the Elementary Central School of Vallehermoso, where the showdown competition has held.

The audience, as well as the festival dancers, were entertained by special guests while the judges were tabulating for the final results of the Kanglambat Festival Street Dancing and Showdown Competition.

Kanglambat Festival 2017 was indeed the one of the best Celebrations-ever festival that occurred with in Vallehermoso. We are thankful for the generosity and activeness of Honorable Mayor Marianne S. Gustilo for the happiness the Kanglambat has brought to visitors and to us, and of course  the people of Vallehermoso. Until next year!

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