Miss Jimalalud 2019

Negros Oriental

Miss Jimalalud 2019 - Negros Oriental

Twenty-four ladies, one crown and one title. The search for Miss Jimalalud 2019 was one of the highlights of the whole Jimalalud Fiesta 2019 celebration.

Miss Jimalalud 2019 – Coronation Night

The entire Sports and Cultural Center of Jimalalud turned from a covered court gymnasium to a “Miss Universe” inspired stage last January 14, 2019. With twenty-four candidates, it was just right that five runway aisles big enough for them. The candidates had to change their attires four times; production, swimwear, evening gown, pink gowns.

In celebration of the Sinulog Festival 2019 of Jimalalud, the candidates were dressed in a “Sto. Niño” inspired robes in different colors. The Sto. Niño or Child Jesus can be easily recognized with a crown, red robes and Globus cruciger (the orb and cross). Underneath their colored robes, the candidates wore a very shinny crop top and skirt that gave a seductive yet glamorous touch.

Despite having 24 candidates on stage the whole program ran very fast and smooth. Right after the production number, the candidates went backstage really quick and came back on stage with their play wear or swimwear attire. To accessorize their outfit, they wore (what appears to be) white Victoria’s Secret angel wings.

An intermission number was made not only to entertain the crowd but also to give the candidates the time to slip in their evening gowns. With much poise and elegance, they paraded and graced the stage. With this, the top 10 candidates were chosen. The chosen 10 candidates then had to analyze a picture.

After the” question and answer”, the ten candidates were then turned to only five candidates. Another breather intermission was made for the candidates to slip in their fabulous pink gowns. The top five candidates came back to answer the standard questions. A question which will change the whole competition…and a question that will determine who will be the Miss Jimalalud 2019.

Watch the Miss Jimalalud 2019 Video below:

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