Miss Jimalalud 2017

Miss Jimalalud 2017

With being the first Fiesta of the year, Miss Jimalalud 2017 is also the first search for a municipality queen each year. Eight lovely candidates presented themselves on a carnival/themed stage in front of a enthusiastic audience. Of course, we could not miss the opportunity to follow the invitation of Jimalalud and joined the crowd to take some pictures. After the national anthem and the obligatory prayer the stage was all set for the contestants of the Miss Jimalalud 2017 beauty contest to present their production number

Miss Jimalalud 2017 - Production

Being no election year, the welcome speeches and greeting words where kept short and the whole contest had a well-organized flow. The intermission numbers were interesting and professional performed and the crowd was enthusiastic and thankful for a great event. Here some pictures of those which were not competing, but an important part of the show.

The noise-level of the cheering went significantly up, when the eight contestants entered the stage in their beach outfit. This is certainly one of the most anticipated parts at each beauty contest.

Miss Jimalalud 2017 - Beach Wear

Golden Girls of Miss Jimalalud 2017

During the last part of the beauty pageant, the candidates for Miss Jimalalud showed their beauty and elegance in golden evening gowns There would be no way for us to judge the best candidate. That’s why we make pictures, enjoy the evening and leave that task to the judges.

Congratulations Miss Jimalalud 2017

Miss Jimalalud 2017
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