Miss Dumaguete 2019

Talent Night – Coronation Night

Miss Dumaguete 2019 - Coronation Night

The search for Miss Dumaguete 2019 was participated by nine lovely ladies in celebration of the charter day of the city. This year’s beauty pageant marks the 71st Miss Dumaguete Pageant. The Talent Night was held last November 17, 2019 at the Quezon Park, while the Miss Dumaguete 2019 Coronation Night was held last November 22, 2019 at the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex. Who do you think will be the next beauty queen? Watch the video below!

Miss Dumaguete 2019 – Talent Night

The Talent Night of the pageant was an evening of thrill for everyone at the Quezon Park. In this segment of the competition, the candidates get to showcase their skills in dancing, singing, acting and more! It was a night of entertainment and charm.

Miss Dumaguete 2019 – Coronation Night

The selection and coronation night of the Miss Dumaguete 2019 started at eight o’clock in the evening with the respective singing of prayer and the National Anthem. Then it was finally kicked off with the production number given by the candidates in a triathlon-inspired attire. The candidates gave a great first impressions to the panel of judges as they wore the playful leather top and shorts during the opening.

Right after the production number, a short intermission was given. Then, the hottest portion of the competition followed. This year’s swimsuit competition is a mix of bursting colors in two pieces of swim wear. With the background theme of dragon boat racing and paddling, the swimsuit competition just went to the next level. The elimination round of question and answer was made during this segment.

Of course, every beauty pageant needs a gown portion. This year’s evening gown was a bit more artsy. With a floral touch to every gown, the candidates were like wearing a painting…a masterpiece. The top 5 of the competition was chosen and not long a new queen was crowned.

Congratulations Miss Dumaguete 2019 Winners!

The DC-Team would like to congratulate all the winners and of course the organizers for the successful, smooth show. Special thanks to the Dumaguete City Tourism Office for giving is access to the event. Happy Fiesta to all!

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