Miss Budyas 2017

Amlan – Negros Oriental

Miss Budyas 2017 - Amlan-- Negros Oriental - Philippines

Miss Budyas 2017 marks the restoration of the nearly-forgotten festival of Budyas in the municipality of Amlan. Special thanks to Escosas Bar and Resort for accommodating our lovely stay and to all the organizers who made an outstanding show during the night of the pageant. Even if the coronation night was a little delayed, the show had a very fluent flow of programs with only four main rounds for the pageant (production, bikini, gown, Q&A).

Six candidates from all over Negros and one from Cebu battled to win the title and the crown. The celebration of the Budyas Festival is known as a ‘palihi’ or trial ritual for fishermen blessing the waters. In coordination with the aquatic abundance of Amlan and of Tanon Strait, the candidates were first presented in their marine inspired festival attire. Thankfully, the candidates were not asked to showcase their talents. Instead, they were given more time for them to parade and dance with their festival costumes on stage.

After the production number and festival costumes round, it was time to heat up the air with the bikini round. All seven candidates wore their respective bikinis. The good thing about the Miss Budyas is that it allows the candidates to choose their own type of bikini that suits and emphasizes their smoking-hot bodies. The only thing common about the bikini round is the color of the bikini, which is blue.

After some spicy heat of the stage, the candidates came back to simmer and calm the mood with evening gown presentation. They handled their gowns with both poise and grace as they walk around the stage and the stage extension. It was a sight of classic beauty.

Being halfway through the show, it was time to climax with the question and answer portion. Showing how graceful these women are isn’t enough to win the crown. Each candidate, however, managed to answered their questions with all their wits and perspectives.

It was a good show, with seven unique beauties. Sadly, only one can bring home the crown. The sound of the drums beating rolled through out the Amlan Plaza as the moment of truth was about to be revealed.

Congratulation to the new Miss Budyas 2017!

Miss Budyas 2017 - Amlan-- Negros Oriental - Philippines
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