Miss Basay 2018

Negros Oriental – Philippines

Miss Basay 2018 - Basay, Negros Oriental

The search for Miss Basay 2018 is one of this year’s big events in the municipality. 10 candidates representing different Barangays took on the challenge to compete for the crown. There were actually two events, the presentation and talent night, and the coronation night. As our schedule allowed it, the DC Team was able to watch and enjoy both of them.

Miss Basay 2018 - Basay, Negros Oriental

Miss Basay 2018 – Talent Night

The Presentation and Talent Night was held on the evening of the Kapaw Festival 2018. It appeared that some people were already a bit tired after a long day in the hot sun and the gym had some empty seats. Nevertheless, the candidates were everything else than tired. They entered the big stage with full energy in their black and white casual dress, before showing their talents to the judges. Once again, we need to question if a talent night is really still needed nowadays. Most talents are more in the field of speed-texting and selfie-shooting, which is just not presentable on a big stage like that.

Miss Basay 2018 – Coronation Night

The Coronation Night was held two nights after the Talent Night and this time the gym was sold out and more. The show started right on the scheduled (Filipino) time with the usual prayers, national anthem, introduction and speeches before the 10 lovely contestants entered the stage in their colorful Festival Costume. There is not much to say about it, as the pictures simply speak for themselves.

Miss Basay Swimwear Contest

We saw some ladies in the audience giving their husbands an elbow in the ribs as they may have gotten too excited when the10 contestants entered the stage in their bikinis. Good, that our DC-Team at this event was female only and separated by a few meters. Therefore both were focused on the job and not distracted.

Miss Basay Contestants in Evening Gowns

Last but not least it was time to show some glamour with style. When the contestants for Miss Basay 2018 entered the stage in their evening gown it was clear to everybody that the judges will have a really tough job to decide who will win. Good that everybody else simply could enjoy the show.

Congratulations Miss Basay 2018

Miss Basay 2018
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