Kapaw Festival 2018

Basay – Negros Oriental

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay, Negros Oriental

It is hard to believe that another year went by that fast and we are back in Basay for the Kapaw Festival 2018. It is always like coming home. The tourism office under the leadership of Analie Lobaton found once again the perfect set-up for a great celebration. Even it is one of the smaller municipalities of Negros Oriental, Basay knows definitely how to throw a great party.

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay, Negros Oriental

For the Kapaw Festival 2018 we were staying again at the Cañamaque Hotel, so that we were in walking distance to everything happening. The showdown was held in gym which was packed with supporters and guests from all over Negros Oriental and Occidental. Each of the four high schools of Basay had one contingent to present their interpretation of history and culture. It was great to see the effort and passion which went into all presentations.

Kapaw Festival 2018 – Another Big Success

Over the last years we saw the Kapaw Festival grow a lot and really would wish to see our friends from Basay participating at the Buglasan Festival…. many of the “big players” would be surprised, as they were 2017 with Dauin. After the showdown everybody went for a well-deserved lunch break before assembling for the street dancing through the streets of the municipality.

Kapaw Festival 2018 - Basay, Negros Oriental

The sky was blue as it can be when the four contingents danced their way through thousands of people lining up along the streets. The sun was burning down and our biggest respect goes to all dancers, drummers and simply everybody who made that event a big success.

Our trip to Basay was not over yet, after a day hanging out at different beach resorts and tourist spots of Basay, we had big fun at the Sugba Sugba Festival, the Congressman Arnie Teves Night and the coronation night of Miss Basay 2018.

Thank you for having us! One thing is for sure: We will be back for the
Kapaw Festival 2019

Happy Fiesta Basay!

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