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Smile Train - Medical Mission Matters - Free Cleft surgery in Dumaguete

The Medical Mission Matters Philippines Group, Inc, will conduct 100% free cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for the children and people throughout the entire Visayas Region (from Aklan to Tacloban!).  They will be conducting ther 44th entirely free mission from May 2-6 2018 at Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) with the support of Governor Degamo and the NOPH team.  This mission is also strongly supported by the Rotary Club of Dumaguete, South.

Medical Mission Matters – A success story full of smiles

In the past three years, Medical Mission Matters has conducted 43 missions and performed over 2,700 safe, 100% free surgeries for the children and people of the entire Visayas region.  They are ranked #1 of all Outreach Surgical Missions in the Philippines for providing surgery to repair cleft lip and cleft palate birth deformities, and are one of only 18, from more than 2,100 organizations in 85 countries worldwide, last year to receive a Global Leadership Award for their work here in the Philippines (and the only one in the Philippines).  The principal partners include the USA-based Smile Train, one of the largest charitable organizations in the world exclusively supporting the correction of these facial cleft deformities, directly supporting about 6,300 such surgeries last year in the Philippines alone.

Smile Train in Dumaguete

Lifechanging Smiles

Like most people, we, the DC-Team, are no doctors or have any medical education. Seeing the changes let us only imaging the improvement in the quality of life on each level. Those children were outcasts of the society. Thanks to the action organizations like Smile Train and Medical Mission Matters the future does not provide a lot of smiles, but all options a modern world can offer to the young generation.

Medical Mission Matters will provide entirely free surgeries for 60 – 70 patients in this mission, including their transportation, medicines, laboratories, food, and sleeping arrangements – the patients pay nothing to avail of any of the services!  Medical Mission Matters have already completed 11 previous missions and 654 successful, 100% free surgeries on Negros Island!

A full medical team for a mission typically consists of 9-12 full-time Filipino OR (operating room) and ward nurses permanently based at our headquarters in Iloilo, plus two Manila-based teams of highly experienced Filipino surgeons and anesthesiologists.  The entire team is 100% Filipino, top-notch, professional, highly skilled, and very experienced having worked together over the past 2,700+ surgeries and 43 missions they have performed throughout the Visayas Region in the past three years.  The operating room equipment, instruments, and supplies are also top-notch – exclusively their own inventories that come with them on each mission to ensure “best of class” in every important category for the care and treatment of the patients.  Yes, it’s nearly two tons worth, and Medical Mission Matters brings it all with them to each mission!

The organization is unique among medical missions here. they organize and conduct the missions to provide 100% free surgeries (including patient transportation, food, accommodation, medicines, lab tests, etc.), and in that we are also a 100% Filipino medical team.

The mission will be at NOPH from May 2 – 6 (patient check-in starts May 1)
contact the local health officials or text to 0905 5513500

All info and pictures were provided to us by medical Mission Matters Philippines Group.
For more information visit the Smile Train Website or check out the brochure here

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