Malatapay Market

Maluay – Zamboaguita – Negros Oriental

Wednesday Malatapay Market - Maluay - Zamboaguita - Negros Oriental

The Malatapay Market is a special market that sells almost everything from fruits, vegetables, crops, rice, fish, crab, chicken, shoes, handbags, accessories, knives, tires, ropes, live stocks, carabaos, lechon, and a lot more! Over the years Malatapay Market in Maluay Zamboanguita has grown not only to be a place where you can buy all sorts of things but is now a tourist spot for its known name as the Gate Way to the world re-known Apo Island.

It is located a few kilometers south of Dumaguete and can be reached via an easy ride, jeepney, and bus for a fare as low as PHP 20(less than $ 1).

Wednesday Malatapay Market

This market has almost everything, but what makes it so special? Well, different vendors and small businessmen and women travel all the way from the mountainous areas of Negros Oriental down to the Malatapay Market to sell their goods every Wednesday (and only on a Wednesday). This had been a practice for quite a while to most locals living near Zamboaguita. Foreign expats and visitors can also be seen here often doing their own groceries and buying bargained products.

Boat Rentals to Apo Island

The market is just along a straight road going towards the shore with stalls lining up in both sidewalks. At the end of the road, one would see the shore and its docking place. Boats travel daily from the Malatapay Market to Apo Island for both small and large groups. Getting to Apo Island will only take about 40 minutes to one hour (depending on the boat and the surface condition).

Apo Island is known for as a scuba diving and snorkeling paradise from all over the world. With more than 650 documented species of fish and 400 species of corals, Apo Island is just an underwater oasis one can explore. Take a sneak peak of the Malatapay Market Video below.

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