Libod Sayaw Festival 2023

Bindoy, Negros Oriental – Street Dancing & Showdown


The municipality of Bindoy celebrated their Libod Sayaw Festival 2023 on April 04. Despite the blazing afternoon heat, the street dancing danced their way around the Bindoy Plaza going to Bindoy´s covered court for the showdown. There were six barangay groups who participated in this year’s festivity.

Bindoy welcomed us with open arms and warm smiles. With the leadership of Honorable Mayor Eniego C. Jabagat, the street dancing and showdown went on a smooth flow. Bindoy celebrates Libod Sayaw Festival in honor of their patron saint, Saint Vincent Ferrer.

Libod Sayaw Festival 2023 Street Dancing

The street dancing of this year’s Libod Sayaw started in Barangay Domolog going up to the covered court. Characterized by marine creatures and beauty, the streets of Bindoy were filled with colorful costumes and arcs. The street dancing parade started just past one o’clock in the afternoon. The heat of the afternoon sun was extremely hot. However, the cool breeze somehow balanced the weather making the festival picture-perfect and color popping.

Libod Sayaw Festival 2023 Showdown

After the street dancing, the dancing groups gathered to compete for the next round of the festival…showdown! The heat still blazed, however, this did not stop the dancers nor the people of Bindoy to continue the Libod Sayaw Festival. With the beat of the drums, the performers swayed, jumped and smiled with pride and joy. It was indeed a great event where one can see the unity of a town. Thank you Bindoy for having us around. Until next year!

Happy Fiesta Bindoy!!!

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