Kapaw Festival 2016 Basay

Kapaw Festival 2016

We happily followed the invitation to visit the Municipality of Basay for the Kapaw Festival 2016. The small municipality on the border to Negros Occidental may not be on the list of most visitors, but is certainly worth a trip over a weekend to enjoy the beaches and beautiful nature.

The Kapaw Festival celebrates the abundance of fish with a week of celebrations. The showdown was held in the municipality gym and started with a 90-minute delay. We all had to wait until all judges and VIPs arrived. When it finally started the four contingents from the High Schools in Basay put up a great performance which made the big crowd cheer throughout the whole time.

Kapaw Festival 2016 Basay

After the Kapaw Festival 2016 showdown everybody headed for a well-deserved lunch-break before getting ready for the street dancing. It does not stop to amaze us how all contestants keep up with the burning heat during summer time, dancing through the streets where you could fry an egg on the street.

Nevertheless, it seems like everybody who was not participating in the street dancing was around the judging stations to see the contingents performing.

The dances are performed to the festival song, which is actually a nice change to the usual drumbeats. Whoever was in charge for the idea and the composition did a great job. The song is still sounding two days later in our ears.

Once again our big Thank You to the tourism office for having in Basay. We met a lot of old friends and made plenty of new ones.

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