Philippine Police Clearance

Philippine National Police – Video

The Philippine Police Clearance is one of the requirements for getting a job in the Philippines. It ensures the employee of a hiring a person with a clean record form the police. Aside from employment, the Police Clearance can also be used as an identification document for getting other government IDs such as a Passport or Postal ID. There are many ways to get a police clearance. The video below is a general requirement and procedure video. They may differ in the area you are located and residing.

Watch the How to get a Philippine Police Clearance Video below:

Police Clearance Fee:

Clearance – Php 100.00
Stamp – Php 30.00

Most Police Clearance will cost Php 100.00, however, prices will differ on the purpose. Check out the Malabon City Sample Price list here:

Php 100.00 = Local Employment, For Reference, Travel Abroad, NSO Requirement, COMELEC Requirement, SSS Requirement, PNP Requirement, AFP Requirement, For Adoption, For Rehabilitation, For Naturalization, Firearms Requirement
Php 300.00 = For Naturalization
Php 500.00 = Firearms Requirement

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