Chinese Bell Church

Dumaguete City – Negros Oriental

Chinese Bell Church - Temple

The Chinese Bell Church in Dumaguete City is one of the hidden gems the city has to offer for both locals and tourists. As a tourist, you may have visited Dumaguete City a few times. Enjoyed its famous cafes and restaurants, had your pictures taken by the boulevard. However, you most probably haven’t heard of or seen the Bell Church that sits by the shore in Barangay Calindagan. The place itself is not a “tourist magnet”. Nonetheless, it is still an nice place to relax and meditate. If you’re into churches and temples, then give this place is great for a visit!

How to get there?

This attraction is located just a few meters from the tip of Rizal Boulevard. Some may find it hard to locate, while others simply miss it! One of the easiest ways to get there is by taking a trike or pedicab ride. If you prefer to walk (since it is not far from the tip of Rizal Boulevard), you can simply ask locals in the area. Despite being “hard to find”, locals and tourists who were able to visit the place were happy and leaves the Chinese temple with a peaceful and relaxed mind.

Chinese Bell Church – What to See & Do?

The Chinese Bell Church is a traditional Taoist Temple. The old Chinese temple by the sea with bell towers, dragon figures, a pagoda & lush landscaped gardens is great place to meditate and simply visit. It is run by the Filipino-Chinese and Chinese community in Dumaguete city. They open from 6 am until 6 pm. You can take as many pictures you want around the area. However, they also encourage you to be respectful when taking pictures inside the temple. Aside from taking pictures of the colorful statues and taking selfies, one can also light an incent and pray to Chinese deity.

Since is a place for prayers, be mindful of what you wear. Casual pants, dress and shorts are fine (as long as it’s not short-shorts). Take note as well that during summer, the “lush landscaped gardens” may not be as lush due to the heat. Unlike other Tourist Spots in Dumaguete City, this place may not be a popular tourist hit and wonder but it is surely a place everyone can enjoy!